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: Mobile Electronics

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  1. Satellite antenna on dash
  2. Remote Starters
  3. Best Head Unit for 09 SC
  4. "Lock" will not work on remote keyless - HELP
  5. SUB install
  6. Wiring oem tweeters the fun way
  7. ?? for XM-Radio Users....
  8. Where to get new keyless entry thingie
  9. 2009 E and IPOD Touch, no workie...
  10. can use some help, advice and tips :)
  11. My stereo project starts!
  12. DIY iPod mount
  13. Computer noise when streaming internet radio
  14. ProClip Users
  15. metra 70-1725 question
  16. AM Receiver with Rear Aux Input?
  17. Anyway to make OEM Stereo louder?
  18. Agency Power Universal Shorty Antenna
  19. rear view camera help
  20. combine key and remote.
  21. Help with Ham Radio Installation
  22. Quick help needed on speaker install
  23. Who Makes the Factory Stereo?
  24. Key and remote as one?
  25. what did I do wrong?
  26. Horn beeps when Starting
  27. Help removing Executive one Car Alarm
  28. How do I know if it is An OEM or Honda Radio?
  29. Programming new remote
  30. OEM reverse camera - can be enabled in Drive?
  31. How important is a removable faceplate for new HU (DVD)?
  32. @everyone that has subs in a box in the trunk!
  33. adding additional sub to stock EX sound system
  34. Anyone had a electrical "whining" when
  35. Keyless remote question.
  36. My ProClip Review
  37. 20" flip down monitor
  38. Auxiliary Input: Illumination
  39. USB Jack
  40. HELP: Problem with Sub Controls..
  41. 1st time diy install questions
  42. Question in adding more AUX Audio Inputs
  43. rear console box project
  44. small amp ideas
  45. Fob keyless remote fcc id#????
  46. Super Slick Micro iPod/iPhone 12volt charger for your E!
  47. Where to mount my Amp. Help please
  48. Stock Sub + Aftermarket sub and AMP (Switch which is running?)
  49. SC Subwoofer cover removal
  50. Looking for an 8 inch Subwoofer.
  51. questions from an "almost" owner
  52. Would this fit above the headliner...
  53. Dealer installed alarm question
  54. Mobile office?
  55. Factory radio + aftermarket amp = HELP ME!!!
  56. Keyless Entry: Different Remotes for Different Years
  57. Gps that shows element???
  58. Garmin-nüvi 265WT GPS-reviews??
  59. Garmin-nüvi 205W Portable GPS-reviews??
  60. anybody used any Infiniti Reference 6022si's in their E?
  61. 2 15's 8cu-ft vented enclosure and 1700watts
  62. Steering wheel controls for Pioneer
  63. 2007 radio antitheft
  64. Bluetooth music streaming on the cheap
  65. Garmin Nuvi 285W
  66. Big 3 Upgrade... Anyone done it?
  67. Harness to a 2006 element Amplifier
  68. Steering Wheel Controls Not Lit?
  69. where can I get 12v when ign is on
  70. Polk Audio DB651's
  71. Refurbished amplifiers?
  72. Route for coax to roof top CB antenna
  73. Replace all 6 speakers in 2005 EX
  74. OEM glass breakage false alarm
  75. New subwoofer box draft
  76. Iphone-12v Flexible gooseneck mount ?
  77. What I had put in today
  78. Subwoofer Rattle Followup Question?
  79. Need Help Installing
  80. Anyone have their PIE adapter cr@p out on them?
  81. 2006 lx install problems
  82. OEM head unit response
  83. What's the air volume of the stock subwoofer box?
  84. iPhone + New Stereo?
  85. Need help/advise on electronics (alt, bat, eld)
  86. remote start + iphone
  87. Did I do good?
  88. factory head unit w/ new amp?
  89. Looking at geting this for my LX
  90. are e and crv head the same
  91. Satellite Radio Install 2007 SC
  92. I made some cheap stereo upgrades
  93. Need a hands free device
  94. Noob Needs help...... which harness?
  95. Kenwood DNX5120 Navigation
  96. My idea for a center console subwoofer enclosure
  97. Portable Media Player suggestions
  98. Focal
  99. Finally Got those Mb quarts
  100. Part# for factory sub cover / grill? other advice?
  101. Replaced Battery, now no audio?!
  102. super cheap hella supertones
  103. '07 EX-P AWD factory audio questions
  104. Tests for a stock Honda Amp
  105. who has Polk Momo mm6 6 3/4 in the front?
  106. 2nd Gen iTouch
  107. Adding a SC console to an LX sub questions
  108. subwoofer and amplifier compatability question
  109. GPS security
  110. spy on me at work
  111. Sound Dampener Sq Footage
  112. Speaker/polk db651s question
  113. Attn: Subwoofer Owners. I your help
  114. 09 SC Head Unit Install Questions
  115. Keyless Entry Honk / After Market Headunit Question
  116. Want to install stock sub
  117. SIRIUS pie or tap into aux
  118. questions about Flip-Down units
  119. Immobilization System Problem
  120. Has anyone installed a remote starter
  121. I waited too long to Dynamat
  122. Removing the 12V and aux from the dash
  123. Factory radio question
  124. Hands Free? LX vs EX
  125. Oem tweeter question for who have replaced.
  126. Element Car PC - Complete Dash Rebuild
  127. Recommended installers in Columbus OH?
  128. Can I splice in some extra subs to the factory sub?
  129. Where does everyone mount their gps antenna?
  130. Eclipse CD5030's built in Steering Wheel Control
  131. Keyless Entry installation
  132. Anyone try this remote starter?
  133. Xantrex inverter?
  134. Hot Deal Heads Up (Kensington iPhone Car Kit)
  135. I finished my HAM RADIO installation
  136. Polk db651 vs db651s
  137. Clarion VX409
  138. Kenwood KDC-x693 review, it rocks!
  139. nosound, dumb amp
  140. Want to install a Clarion VZ309 into my 2004 Honda Element...CAN I?
  141. Pioneer AVIC-F700BT
  142. Making CDT tweeters fit stock pillars w/ PICS!
  143. Sub and Amp Selection for Stock Location!
  144. 03-09 stock subwoofer enclosure
  145. EX Stereo Interchangeability
  146. i-Pod direct connection for 2010 EX stock stereo?
  147. Does Sirius work on the factory XM hardware?
  148. Replace OEM with new OEM XM
  149. Fuse Block for External lights help!!!
  150. tweeter replacement in 09 element
  151. My search is over. Keeping OEM HU. Bought LiquidAUX
  152. Have questions about alarm systems
  153. Element LX stock stereo Upgrade (need help)
  154. Can I install a 3.5MM jack in my 2004 LX?
  155. Do you use Pandora in your E ?
  156. Need help to finish my alarm install!
  157. Battery longevity
  158. Bluetooth install question..
  159. Need help... i want to install a in-dash DVD radio
  160. How to remove radio on 2006 model?
  161. Need help wiring led dome light to existing flip down DVD
  162. Kenwood DNX 8120 Bluetooth
  163. Looking for some info
  164. question?? are these cables the same?? for ipod video hook up in element
  165. Installing a AVIC-Z110BT in a 2010 Element SC
  166. Pioneer AVIC-F700BT and XM radio ??
  167. Ordered a new HU, how are you guys running your bluetooth mics?
  168. Pioneer AVIC-F700BT Installed today but no sound.. HELP PLEASE HELP !!
  169. Wiring Question....yes i searched...
  170. Experts! Need some help on this one...
  171. New Element owner, several ICE questions!
  172. OEM car alarm installation manual?
  173. Alpine SPR-17C
  174. Parking Sensor Install
  175. '06 LX: Aftermarket Heads
  176. For all you car audio buffs.....
  177. under flooring wire running?
  178. Upgraded my factory stereo today (pics)!
  179. No constant power when ignition is off
  180. under the seat subwoofer
  181. Powered Antenna
  182. 8" Sub install in OEM enclosure (w/ pics)
  183. Keyless Entry FCC-ID numbers question
  184. Dynamat
  185. Before After. Eclipse CD5030 to Kenwood KDC X994
  186. Fully loaded
  187. Anyone tried a 4GB CompactFlash in EX Navi Stereo?
  188. Installers: You guys used the Metra Axxess ASWC yet?
  189. AVIC-x910BT Navigation Question
  190. Radio make?
  191. Under seat amp
  192. Adding a "fuse box" in the center console?
  193. My JL Audio system in '05 Element
  194. who makes the best radar detector
  195. Stereo fading in and out?
  196. Find RMS in Mono??
  197. Alarm horn doesn't work after dead battery
  198. I'm installing a Clarion NX409 in my E.
  199. Can a 2009/2010 Factory GPS be retro-fitted in a 2008 E?
  200. Recently Installed my system
  201. The "E" Brake Subwoofer .... Center Sub Installation
  202. replacing OEM amp?
  203. Is anyone else using the PC Card slot on their EX Navi stereo???!
  204. any one install component speakers
  205. Subwoofer enclosure shape.
  206. any issues with fitting a head unit?
  207. My Audio setup for review
  208. stereo w/ ipod integration and navigation advice?
  209. Subwoofer
  210. Capacitor or not capacitor
  211. Xm Receiver needed for Aftermarket Nav system in 2010 EX?
  212. iPod Intergration
  213. Basic LX audio upgrades
  214. Speakers / Audio Cutting Out (when cranked up)
  215. replacing the oem subwoofer
  216. Forget Alpine PDX, Go for JL XD
  217. Ideas on GPS stereo
  218. Sub Setup?
  219. subwoofer harness
  220. Jvc kwxg700
  221. How much power is too much power for the OEM subwoofer?
  222. A Pillar Tweeter Pod + eD 13Av.2 box build
  223. JLW6v2 in a element stealthbox ?
  224. Sik Imp replacement for ipod touch?
  225. super awesome loud system... not
  226. JVC KW-XR810 a non-fit?
  227. Valentine One rear view mirror mount?
  228. rear camera and back up sensor wiring question
  229. Different Amp Mounting Location?
  230. Help with removing trim to install dash kit
  231. Any Pictures of Amplifiers Installed in Spare Tire Well?
  232. XM Reception issues
  233. Good car alarm for the value?
  234. Stupid question regarding the 6.5 sub.
  235. XM Skydock
  236. Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD
  237. XM losing signal
  238. Kenwood KDC-BT945U
  239. Pioneer vs Sony??
  240. Pioneer AVH-P4100 and Droid Phone
  241. Cell Microphone placement
  242. Videos of my system
  243. OEM/AM Subwoofer Question
  244. iPhone solutions? Car-kit?
  245. Factory Amp Rating 50wx 5?
  246. Can any x910bt owners help me out?
  247. amp not powering sub?
  248. 2010 EX In-Dash CD Changer Question
  249. bluetooth
  250. DVD options?