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: Wax on, Wax Off

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  1. Automatic Car Wash
  2. What to use on the dash?
  4. 5 Star Shine Car Wax
  5. Murphy's Oil Soap
  6. Fantastic site for car care products and info..
  7. Waxing the E & Keeping it off the Plastic
  8. Treating interior & the exterior (i.e. vinyl/plastic)
  9. Use wax at the car wash?
  10. Tried New Products
  11. Inside Hard Plastic Car and Scratches
  12. Inside Hard Plastic Car and Scratches
  13. Plastic panel sand blasting
  14. Drying the Element
  15. Removing wax from plastic panels
  16. Just tried Zaino wax
  17. What do you use to dust dashboard with?
  18. Car Wash Wipes
  19. How to wax the top?
  20. used meguiars gold on plastic panels
  21. wax off outside panels!
  22. Lexol
  23. Polimer Sealant
  24. Bet'cha didn't know this one.....
  25. My (one) scratch...so far.
  26. Lexol-Great
  27. waxing, how often?
  28. Revisiting removing wax from the plastic panels
  29. i am using Black Again on ext panels
  30. Clay bar
  31. What's the best product for tire shine?
  32. Took my E for it's first car wash.....never again
  33. Success cleaning stuborn wax off of plastic panels
  34. First exterior treatment
  35. What am I doing wrong?
  36. Protect the Panels?
  37. For those of us without a lot of muscle...
  38. Product test results
  39. Lexol Smells
  40. Inside panels
  41. Cleaning and General Care
  42. Lexol vs 303
  43. Washed my E myself today for the first time....
  44. Interesting Post re: product to fix scratches
  45. Drip marks on the front fascia (there before delivery)
  46. When to wax and what to use
  47. Vinylex?
  48. Meguiars Natural Shine Vinyl and Rubber Protectant
  49. Pro Honda Cleaners?
  50. Turtle Wax Emerald Series
  51. California Car Duster???
  52. Scratch Be Gone!
  53. Panel Stains
  54. Bug Magnet
  55. Lexol Streaked My Panels
  56. Please take a look at this re: care of Element's panels...
  57. Black Again on side panels / any users and results
  58. What's Best for Exterior Protection -- Consensus?
  59. Magic Wand
  60. Anyone use a wind rake/blower to help dry your car(s)?
  61. Scuffed Cladding
  62. The First Wax Job
  63. Armor All Ultra Shine
  64. Open wheel wells and salt
  65. hand vs drive thru wash
  66. Hood Deflector Wax Question?
  67. O, the Frustration!
  68. Delicately dusting our darlings
  69. Detailed at last!
  70. Anything Out There That Will Repel Dust??????????????
  71. wats the deal with wax on plastic panel?
  72. Still confused about what to use on the plastic panels..
  73. First Scratch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How to remove?
  74. Big Scuff/Scrathes In plastic
  75. Showcar Shine
  76. Exterior Waxing
  77. Paste or Liquid wax?
  78. Wheel cleaners
  79. ARG!!! Sap on my E
  80. Help Wax Streaks Won't Come Off!
  81. Learning how to "CLAY" my EL
  82. Washing by hand......
  83. Scratches/Swirls Streaks
  85. good product or procedure suggestion for glass surfaces.....
  86. Show car polish
  87. Paint Protection Systems
  88. Lexol seems to fade
  89. Washing 101
  90. Brightening Up the Exterior Plastic
  91. HELP! Wax on the plastic!!
  92. This stuff is awesome! Paint protectant
  93. advoiding waxing the emblems?
  94. Stoner Invisible Glass
  95. I am not sure I can ever go back....
  96. wax applicator cleanup?
  97. Need advice to clean tree sap off panels
  98. Dealer got some sort of white power stuff on my panels !!!
  99. Getting wax off the plastic panels
  100. Waxing at Touchless Carwash?
  101. I Am Obsessed!
  102. Genuine Honda Plastic Panel Coating
  103. Door Ding
  104. Easy way to keep wax off side panels
  105. Rubberized Undercoating ???
  106. Which wax is best?
  107. SIMONIZ and Tree SAP
  108. Removing Emblems on Hatch?
  109. How do you remove Rain-X?
  110. MJ's car cleaning tips
  111. Nu Finish Post
  113. Getting my E detailed...
  114. Teflon Paint Coating???
  115. Panel "mud staining"
  116. Cleaning Scuff Marks from Vinyl Trim
  117. How do u guys wash the top of your E????
  118. Stupid water Sprinkler
  119. Wax on the panels of the 'E'
  120. rain x
  121. New finish
  122. Terry clothes beware.
  123. Waxing and Panel maintainance
  125. Dressing up my E for Las Vegas (303, Blackfire, microfiber)
  127. High Pressure Washing is it OK?
  128. Mr. Clean AutoDry
  129. Dressing the floor?
  130. Waxing an "E"
  131. Just a silly idea with car wax...
  132. Is hand washing the best idea?
  133. House of Color
  134. Ahhh Blue skys,,,, 85 degrees,,, time to wash da "E\&q
  135. SOME %#$@#$%$% PUT GUM ON MY PANELS!!!!!
  136. The panels and hmmmmm
  137. Detailing....
  138. Eagle One wet wax
  139. Tried Meguiar's Tech Wax this weekend
  140. thanks for info.
  142. Care of my Beauty
  143. Hard water spots on windows
  144. I Love my Element and ....
  145. Has anybody tried tongue-washing already?
  146. road tar on interior
  147. Detailing Side Steps
  148. What's the best wax to use without a bionic arm??
  149. Bird Crap on Paint
  150. Damn Bugs
  151. Honda Cleaner/Polish for Motorcycles
  152. First coat of wax
  153. minor window scratches
  154. Meguiars NXT car wash -- good stuff
  155. Has anybody tried that Mr. Clean stuff?
  156. mud in the speakers
  157. Has anyone tried Kit Carnauba Wash & Wax
  158. Sneaky Water
  160. Wanted to try NXT was but used Nu Finish
  161. liquid glass?
  162. Cleaning The Headliner
  163. Has anyone tried Blue Coral Wash & Wax
  164. Has anyone tried Griots?
  165. how do you remove wax from car windows?
  166. bird p@@p.
  167. Touchy about touchless
  168. Tried this?
  169. how do i clean the inside rubber door handle
  170. Mr. Clean AutoDry Warning - DO NOT MIX SOAPS
  171. Help...There's White Spots On My Panels
  172. My E has ants in his pants!
  173. Goo Be Gone & Rain X
  174. Free Eagle One Wax As You Dry
  175. Mr. Clean Auto dry system
  176. 303 Aerospace Protectorant
  177. Cleaning Fetish?
  178. Polish, I don't want to start a war
  179. Honda motorcycle "Spray Cleaner & Polish"?
  180. Motor Oil on the Gray Trim
  182. What I use
  183. Interior Glass Clear & Clean?
  184. Pressure washer-Garden Blower combo
  185. Adams Polishes
  186. Vacuum Suggestions.
  187. Car Washes
  188. How i clean my "e"......
  189. What is the difference between a wax and a polish?
  190. What is the difference between a cleaner and soap?
  191. Water spots
  192. car cleaning
  193. plastic panels
  194. Scratches
  195. What's the difference between Water Spots and Water Stains?
  196. Streaks on panels after Ziebart treatment
  197. Winter Prep
  198. Meguiar’s Endurance for great looking tires
  199. Hose out your baby UPS Truck
  200. Winter Wash
  201. Dashboard and such
  202. maintenance
  203. When should I do the "First Wax?"
  204. Rain X Wax....?
  205. rear fender panels road pitted
  206. Car Wash and Satellite Antenna
  207. EX platic panels as opposed to others
  208. Eagle One
  209. Appearance Nuts Rejoice!
  210. DIY: Apply Touch Up Paint
  211. DIY: Engine Cleaning
  212. Aluminum Polish Suggestions?
  213. Show Scuff Marks????
  214. How Long Before Wax?
  215. Lens damage
  216. the forgotten tire
  217. My front seat makes a noise...is this normal?
  218. Removing tar from fenders
  219. black elements?swirl marks&white scratches bothering u?
  220. Armor All has new Wash & Wax product.
  221. The perfect wax...with free refills!
  222. Back to Black, sux. Y not Armor all?
  223. Glass cleaning, year old waterspots.
  224. Things my Honda dealer told me; have you heard the same?
  225. How do you clean the floor mats?
  226. Meguiars car care products?
  227. Panels and Interior Plastics: Cleaner and/or Protectant?(303, Meguiars #40?)
  228. Wife Owns Element, I own MINI...
  229. burned through the paint while waxing??
  230. I am now all ready for a nice weekend of detailing...
  231. First major car wash today
  232. Protecting Rubber Seals - Products?
  233. JIF...My friend.
  234. Idiot on the road!
  235. Black E owners...this may help with detailing
  236. Rear Bumper Scuff Marks
  237. How does one miss an orange element?!
  238. NBP owners...have swirl marks?
  239. Power buffer
  240. Dealing with a scratch
  241. Scuffs on the panels
  242. lexol
  243. 303 Protectant & How to protect the outside plastic trim and panels?
  244. Eagle One Bucket-Free Car Wash
  245. Wax as you go/dry
  246. ScotchGuard...
  247. 303 protectant
  248. Interior cleaning / protection
  249. Honda's line of car care products; any good?
  250. Mothers Back to Black