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: Finally got my new tires today! :)

11-29-2004, 11:03 PM
Went to STS Tire Center during lunch today and had a set of Nokian WR SUVs ( installed on my E. Forgot to mention the size. lol 225/70R 16, these tires are not offered in the stock 215 size this season, they might next year.

BRING on the SNOW!!! :twisted:

I am so happy that I got these. I really wish I had purchased them right after I bought my E last January. I could not believe how poorly the Goodyear Wrangler's "performed" in not only snow, but also rain. I oput 16,500 miles on these tires and they just kept getting worse and worse for me. I spoke with Nokian last week about it. Only a 2% difference.

As I begin to experience different weather I will report on the performance of these tires.

These are the third set of Nokian's I have owned since 1999. I had a set of 16" NRWs mounted on steel wheels for my Audi TT Quattro that I used for one winter, then I began to modify the hell out of my TT and had to sells the 16s because they couldn't fit over my AP Racing 13" brakes. So I got a set of 17" NRWs and they performed as well as the 16s... but I was able to handle much better in the summer because of the lower profile tire. I proceeded to use those tires over the next 2.5 years before getting rid of the TT. I tracked those tires and auto-x'ed them as well. I used to actually win Street Mod driving on those tires against some heavily modified cars running race rubber. :evil: Used to piss everyone off. lol

Why am I saying all of the above? Just trying to say how well these tires can perform in both snow, rain and dry pavement. :)

Now for the details that everyone will want to know about... Tire costs:

$139.00 Tire cost each

$10.00 Mount/Balance each
$2.50 NYS Waste Tire Mgt Fee/each
$14.00 Road Hazard/each

$719.05 Total cost with tax

The reason I decided to get the Road Hazard Protection is I expect to own the E for many years to come. What the Road Hazard Protection offers is Free Tire Rotation every 5,000 and that includes rebalancing the tires! Every flat reoair is also Free. I don't get a flat too often, but I do rotate my tires every 5k when I am physically able to do so. I will use them during the winter months to rotate my tires so it is worth it to me.

Hope that info helps someone.

12-01-2004, 11:15 AM
Good choice of tires. Keep us informed how they do this winter on the E.
I'm thinking of buying Nokian Vatiiva for spring thru fall use (Have Hakka CQ's
for winter). I think the Vatiiva is the exact same as WR except half of the
tread is backwards so the tire isn't uni-directional. I don't know of any
other difference between Vatiiva & WR.

12-31-2007, 11:12 AM
That's a lot of dough!!!

12-31-2007, 11:42 AM
That's a lot of dough!!!

He lives in New York............