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: The E's quirks pay off

01-17-2005, 02:38 PM
Well, this weekend was the first road trip in the E. I put one of the back seats up and left one down. In the place of the raised seat, I put the dog's bed so he could lay in his bed or hop up on the seat that was down and see out. His harness was connected to the seatbelt (using a connector dedsigned for this) positioning it right in the middle of both. Until this my partner hated the E, well now he thinks it is great.
More to the story...
We went to our place in the country (about an hour east of Austin) and I forgot the dog's food. So, all weekend he ate my sisters in-law's dog's food since they met us down there. (Is that correct grammer?) On our trip back yesterday, Rex (my dog) got sick. So, everything was as good as new with some paper towels and Windex, thanks to the floor in the E. I would not have been able to stand it in a car with carpet for another 3 hours.

01-18-2005, 08:25 PM
I just got my E last week and I am looking forward to taking it down to Hobbs, New Mexico for our first dog show of the year. I raise Ibizan hounds and they were just too big for my old 4 door Escort! So... I traded the little e with the barfed on back seat for the big E with the wipe down interior. It should make traveling with the dogs sooo much easier.