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: Kees with Es or Es for Kees

02-15-2005, 04:53 PM
Don't have a picture of her online but my brother has a Keeshond named Misty. Maybe I will get something of her up soon. It is funny how you never notice something till you have one. Then they seem to be everywhere. When I was looking to buy the Element I couldn't find one anywhere. Everytime I did stumble accross one I would have to make some crazy turn into a parking lot and do a drive by to see one. Then I bought mine and now I see them everywhere.

With Misty, I never knew of the breed before till we got her. Now I seem to notice little Keesies everywhere. Is Bear a Kees?

I also noticed, right before buying my Element a picture here of a herd of keesies in the back of one. Any other Es full of Keesies out there?

I still haven't taken Misty out in my car as my brother is afraid to be seen in it. I guess that goes with the terratory. I am sure Misty would love it though.