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: Why the wiped pix?

11-25-2005, 08:25 PM
What good does it do anyone if all the old posts--apears to be 2-3 months- have had all their images and diagrams wiped? Surely, these would cut your bandwidth if they were here rather than the same discussions over and over...

What does give? Is it a policy or a screw up? I could handle that.

11-25-2005, 08:36 PM
Around Labor Day of 2005 an update was done to this Site. When this happened, many of the pics were lost. Our Founding Father and the Moderators all feel bad about this. So life goes.

"Little by little we humans are confronted with situations that give us more and more clues that we are not perfect."
Mister Rogers

kampin jak-vic
11-25-2005, 10:07 PM
Haven't been on the forum for very long, but I have to say this I really wish those pics would come out of hiding in cyber world,:sad:

11-25-2005, 10:19 PM
What happened was the servers were being updated and the ISP made a few very bad critical errors in doing the updates and ended up losing all of the pictures. Unfortunately there isn't anything that can be done.

There have been many posts on this and many apologies and explanations... again, this was not done on purpose by anyone from the EOC, it was an ISP major mistake that caused this.

11-25-2005, 11:31 PM
I hope the ISP comped the site for their mistake. seems like the least they could do.

the lack of photos really is inconvenient at times.

T Mac
11-25-2005, 11:53 PM
I agree it's inconvenient, but we're trying to quickly add back some of the items that were lost. It's going to take time, unfortunately. It was not our mistake, but sadly we are paying the price.