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: Frequently Asked Questions - Updated 7/15/03

06-16-2003, 11:15 AM
There are a number of common questions asked on the subs & sounds subforum and many of the answers are in the following posts...

1. Head unit recommendations:

2. Jumping into car audio in the Element:

3. Adapting Aftermarket Head Units to Factory EX Systems:

4. List of speakers that work in the factory openings...

5. What are coaxial and component speakers?

6. Aftermarket Navigation System Installed (with pictures):

7. Satellite Radio Discussion:

8. eMass's audio system (with pictures & diagram)

9. Element Audio System Integration Wiring Diagram:

10. Where to install component crossovers in the Element:

11. Aftermarket car alarms and installer recommendations:

12. JL Audio Stealthbox (replacement subwoofer) for Element:

13. Useful Element Electrical System Wiring Information:

14. Honda Amplfier Vs. Aftermarket Amplifiers:

15. How to turn off the door chimes so radio can play:

16. Subwoofer discussion:

17. Newbie audio help discussion:

18. ALPINE makes EX sub, sub enclosure, & speakers...

Please take a look through these posts especially if you're new to this subforum.