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: Staying "on-topic" and "in category"

T Mac
06-23-2003, 09:20 PM
Please help us to keep the boards easy to navigate and thus easier to find what you're looking for by:

1) Search the boards by keyword for the topic you are interested in. Build upon an existing thread if it already exists and is relevant. Please don't start a new topic unnecessarily.

2) Post new topics in the most fitting category. If you have a question about the seats, for example, it should be posted in the Interior category. Pricing questions? Post them in Shopping and Test Driving.

3) Stay ON TOPIC. We are a friendly bunch, and that's great. But sometimes the threads get long enough with small talk that it's hard to remember what the original post in the thread was about. So, please try to stay on topic and take personal conversations to email (or to our soon-to-be-launched chat room!).

Thanks everyone! We appreciate your support and participation.