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: So, EMass, my friend, tell me....

06-26-2003, 11:51 PM I crazy, er, make that crazier than usual?

I went to CarToys tonight and got a little taste of car audio from a small, high-end shop.

Eclipse CD 5442 (last year's model) $349
Eclipse 8 disc changer $299
Eclipse EA3422 Amplifier $249
Focal 165A $299
Inifnity 60.5C $299
Installation maybe $350


Help me EMass-Wan-Kenobi!

This is a huge amount of dough, and I'm suspecting I could do better on the prices, or that I might be getting more equipment than I'm really needing, or better equipment than my audio habits merit.

Okay, remember, I'm not looking for crankaboomboom, I want clarity and richness of sound more than pure volume. Easy operation. Not too many buttons. Simple good reliable clear sweet pure strong but not Incredible Hulk strong sound.

Before I price CarToys v. another shop, tell me where, if anywhere, I'm being overcharged, or I'm overshopping.

::::whimper:::: Fly down and figure this out for me! I make nice margaritas! :::whimper!:::

06-27-2003, 08:19 AM
The stuff you're looking at is all very nice and will not make your car sound like a boom factory. The pricing is OK on most of those items with a couple of exceptions...

1. the head unit - you should be able to get the equivalent to this years model for a little less. It seems like they might be trying to get rid of thier old stock at a high price.

2. The Infinity seperates - I personally don't like the Infinity sound and I certainmy would'nt pay full retail price for them - $299 is full retail. For that price you should be able to get Focal 165K's!

3. The Focal 165A's - I assume they're planning on putting these in the rear doors. Don't spend this much on rear door speakers. You might consider these CDT Audio coaxials that retail for $109.00 instead - and just run them off head unit power...

4. I don't see a sub anywhere - getting one will really help your system feel much more full and rich. I personally would even hold off on the CD changer in order to get a sub. Consider running it from 2 channels of a 4 channel amp or get seperate amps for the components and the sub. If you won't get a sub then you should probably get lower-end components all around and run things from head unit power instead of an amp.

5. They're not ripping you off on the installation as long as they do a good job and agree not to exceed that price.

Hope this helps. :D

06-27-2003, 09:07 AM
I thought I could use the factory sub? I do want one. Definitely! I heard "Sledgehammer" on the radio going home the other night and I was so completely rocked out by the *factory* system that it made me nutz for a *very cool* system.

Yes, the CD changer is probably where I'll opt out. I don't have such a Busy Audio Life that I can't pop a CD out and insert another one.

I thought the Focal model number that I copied down was the price for the little tweeter+midrange speaker combo. I goofed. That's what I thought sounded best.

Nice to know I can save a little $ on the rear speakers. No Infinity.

Is it okay for them to install an amplifier under the passenger seat? Where else could it go? They mentioned making an enclosure for it in the back and I said "Me no like."

What, no deep burning desire to come to scorching Dallas and help with this? Cold margaritas are the only way to get through a Texas summer, and I would be glad to demonstrate!

06-27-2003, 05:31 PM
You can still use the factory sub, but if you'll be amping the rest of the system it will drown among everything else.

In order to bring it up to par you'll really want a larger more powerfully amped sub.

On the amp - the passenger seat is fine. FWIW that's where one of mine is. :D And yah, don't let them build an enclosure, there's simply no need unless you wan't to spend more money on labor. :wink:

On the trip - while I have no desire to visit scorching Dallas, I'll be visiting scorching Phoenix soon - my wife and I are thinking about moving there. Note to all Phoenicians - are Scottsdale or Tempe good places to live?

Rock on! :D