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07-09-2003, 09:43 PM
Has anybody tried installing this system in their E?

Currently, Im using palm treo gps but i havent been very satisfied with it. Tried shopping around Queens NY area and so far ive gotten quotes ranging from 2700-3600 installed. . My plan is to integrate it with the factory amps, sub and aux.

any advise and referrals will be greatly appreciated.

07-09-2003, 10:29 PM
I personally would never pay that kind of money for a DVD based nav system. DVD is slow and clunky IMHO. Hard drive or flash rom based nav systems are the way to go since they cost sometimes less than half as much, hold far more information, access data much more quickly, are easier to update, and there's no DVD's to keep track of.

Check out to shop some different products and check prices.

I personally like the Magellan 750NAV and have it installed in my Element. That unit has been installed in over 75000 cars and is a proven winner.

You can see pics of the install at this post:

07-11-2003, 06:43 PM
I paid $2099 ( for this unit, installed it myself, and I am very happy with the purchase. You can absolutely integrate this unit with the factory sub and speakers by using the instructions provided by eMass in this forum. I'd also highly suggest you get the Service Manual ( because you'll need to refer to some of the wiring diagrams and connector layouts when connecting the NAV piece. It's next to impossible to find a review for this unit anywhere, but you can find a couple reviews on the previous model, the NAV-SYS900DVD. It's almost identical except that they moved DVD movie playback from the NAV unit to the HU where it really belongs. Here is one person's review I found:
There's also a Honda CRV forum that has a user who installed the 910DVD system. I referred to his posts some, but the service manual was a better resource for me.

The install is easy enough. The only hard part is finding all the wires that the NAV system must connect to. Check out the website and lookup the manuals for the avic9 (or is it avic90) nav system. The install manual for that unit is exactly the same as the one that comes with the 910DVD package. Once you know where everything is, you could do the install yourself.

Don't think you are paying $2000+ for just a NAV unit, because you're not. You also get DVD-movie playback, MP3 support, touch screen interface (this is worth it, believe me!), and voice activation (I'm surprise at how well it works). If you want (and if you can afford it), you can also add optional sat radio tuner, tv tuner, better equalizer (to get DTS and Dolby 5.1, although the HU does a pretty good job of Dolby 5.1 on its own), rear-view (or backup) camera, multi-cd changer and 2nd monitor output (i.e. rear seat monitor).

Getting back to the NAV features, this thing totally blows away any other NAV system I've seen to date. I've played around with the hand held ones and even one model that comes with a hard drive. I guess it was a Magellan (I saw it at Frye's), but nothing beats typing in an address thru a touch screen. There's a wire you connect to your speed sensor and a built in gyroscope compass which can provide some navigation for when you're unable to receive a good satellite signal. It even can detect elevation which it also uses in the distance calculation. The GPS satellite feed works in conjunction with the speed sensor and internal compass to "train" the unit for those situations when the satellites aren't available. (I sound like a Pioneer salesman!) But, I've had it for several weeks now and have driven through remote areas in Texas as well as thruout the city of Austin. There have been some recent changes to some areas within the past year and the DVD does not reflect this, but there are pre-programmed points of intersts, i.e. restaurants, gas stations, etc. which is like having a nationwide phone book in your car. Even in the remote areas, I was amazed that a small podunk town in no man's land had listings for restaurants and gas stations (which turned out to be a really good thing!).

I've got to say that this unit is absolutely worth every penny. If you have to justify the cost, think of it as buying a $1000 NAV system and a $1000 DVD head unit. OR, a $2100 nav system w/ bonus DVD movie playback option for your car (like a Toyota, BMW, Lexus, etc. you get the idea) except the dealer is Pioneer instead of Honda.

07-11-2003, 11:00 PM
thanks for the replies guys.

ur guides are very helpful esp for newbies like me. I have printed all and brought them with me even to my work so i could read it again and again in between breaks.

i must admit im actually trying to convince myself by the same things u posted about the pioneer system. ive done a lot of hours researching and so far it is the one i want the most.

now i think and decide...