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: Amp rack on passenger seat

08-05-2003, 08:20 PM
I almost didn't install my system because I couldn't find a place to mount my amp. I knew I could get a fiberglass box built into the dash to hold the sub, but I wasn't going to pay for that untill I found a place for the amp.

After many discouraging hours of not finding a good place, I finally became determined and refused to take no for an answer. The only place I could find that did not interfere with any of the cars functionality (such as filling up pockets, or cutting into the ventilation, or just generally drilling and cutting up the car) was the front passenger seat back. I unzipped the seat cover, and found a nice bar high enough to hang an amp board from. I covered the rack with vinyl and attached velcro. I put velcro on the inside cover of the seat cover so the vinyl and seat cover would remain tight and cover up the seat back cavity. The wires are run under the seat through the pre-existing wire hole, down the door trim, behind the glove box, and in the case of the power wire... through the firewall. I posted a bunch of pictures on this thread:

The pictures really do not do it justice. I just wish that the vinyl I got was a darker grey or green. I still need to get the sub in the dash (I'm debating attempting fiberglass myself or getting it professionally done).

By the way it sounds real nice. 8)