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: Hello, and doggy question!

03-18-2004, 01:34 AM
We plan to purchase and pick up our Element tomorrow and have one important question: On slightly warmer days, what do you personally do to ensure a safe enviroment for your doggie in your Element!? We know the sunroof is removable also...and....please don't take offense to this, but "leaving your dog at home is the safest and smartest way to ensure safety" is not an answer we're looking for! Perhaps we can brainstorm new ideas? :D
Currently, in our Accord that we are trading in, Murphy gets all 4 windows down (he won't jump out thank goodness!) an open sunroof, as much shade as possible, and access to water. Thanks ahead of time for the responses, and we look forward to contributing to the board!

03-18-2004, 09:26 AM
Welcome. It's great to meet you. My dog goes most everywhere with me. She's a peaceful companion and we love spending time together. I got my E in Nov; I live in MI so haven't had the heat issue to deal with yet, but I am contemplating solutions. I won't leave the windows all the way down because dog snatching (to sell for experimentation) is a safty threat, as are people harrassing dogs, etc. As I come up with summer solutions I'll post. This winter I've had one back seat down, foam exercise mat inside a sleeping bag which covers the flattened seat. She LOVES her spot in the E. The other seat I have up against the window covered with a big black garbage bag to keep dog hair off in case we actually ever want to sit on it! In the door storage I have a ton of baggies, in my seat bungee a big roll of paper towels, in back seat pocket, dog leash, in back storage compartment a dog bowl, bottle of water, lysol spray for unexpected incidents. Also keep a rubber brush called a "SweepA" in the door of the car. Got it at one of those bath and bed stores and it works wonders for brushing dog hair off the seats of this car. Something important: I have a rubber backed mat (like you see in store entrances) on the back portion of the floor because the dog slips a lot on those plastic floors. License plate reads "BOX4DOG". We have great fun. Hope you will too.

03-18-2004, 12:20 PM
With the Element you have the option of opening the side door vent windows, plus opening the skylight. This gives some ventilation without compromising security. Light rain can enter through the side windows, less so through the roof. The nearly vertical tinted windows reduce the greenhouse effect compared to many sedans. Still, you are going to have to observe for yourself when this keeps inside temperatures in a safe range, and when it is not safe to leave your dogs in the car. I still look for shade trees, covered parking garages, use a sunshade on the windshield, park pointing north, etc. I've also added tinting to the skylight, though I can't say for sure whether that helps.


03-19-2004, 12:06 AM
I also have the fury one with me most days. Kirby stays on the passenger side rear seat(reclined all the way) with a dog blanket on it for comfort...My doggie accessories live in a plastic tub that fits under the reclined backrest of the seat that Kirby lives on, I just drop the tailgate and slide it out...
As for windows, etc... The rear windows flip open, the skylight opens, and I have visors on the front windows so they can stay down pretty far without worrying about people getting in.
Other than that, I'll handle the heat the same way I did with my Subaru and Tacoma, park in the shade whenever possible, use parking structures, park with the front of the car facing the sun and put up my reflective sunshade, etc...