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: MP3 CD Changer

03-25-2003, 03:28 PM
Does anybody have any experience installing a CD changer that works thru the FM or RF Modulator ? (No wiring to speakers except for the Power)
I found an JVC MP3 CD changer for $229 at and was wanting input from you guys , if this is really good idea?
I really dont want to fiddle with the wiring, so a CD player that plays through FM or RF would be perfect ?



GGreen EX 2WD with GPS V
Dallas, TX :P

08-28-2009, 11:43 PM
Years ago Pioneer made a 6 disc changer i put in a convertible i bought as the radio was shaped like a jigsaw puzzle in the dash. it had an rf modulator that plugged into the radio and and another wire that the antenae plugged into. it sounded great. the one draw back is the receiver head for the remote to control the disc player was 1 inch by 3 inches and had an lcd readout and a cable that ran all the way back to the trunk to the disc player. this thing had to be mounted where it could be seen and receive the signals from the remote that like all is infrared.

I havent recently looked into these as technology has advanced to mp3 players that hold as much as 120 gig that completely evelope my collection ripped at 320 bit to 40 gig. However, i am sure they still make one that does the RF interface you speak of and loads mp3 discs that hold like 180 songs on each disc depending what bit rate you burn them into your media at. The higher the bit rate the more data the less tinney it sounds and gets closer to cd quality it originally may have come from.

If you haven't looked at give it a try. The technology you speak of exists and sounds quite good.

Yoda E SC
08-29-2009, 10:01 AM
relativly speaking they sound like crap compared to the in dash units. it is no better then the limited bandwidth that FM radio will offer as that is how it is being piped into the system. if you hook directly to the antennas it will sound better than the total garbage the wireless transmitter types sound like, but you will still be limited to not very high highs and not very low lows like the rest of FM is. spend the money and get a decent indash unit that does what you want it to do now and more because you will want it to do that later on and it is always advisable to buy up with electronics like that.