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T Mac - Owner, Founder, Site/Forum Admin

Element Owners Club is part of a growing network of Honda Owners Club online communities owned and managed by Siteworthy, Inc. The president of Siteworthy, Tom Mc. aka "T Mac", has been involved in online web communities since the early 90's. Since that time, his career has centered around the IT industry, specializing in software and most recently website design and development serving as an application developer and project manager. He has been responsible for the startup of several online communities, but it's the network of Honda sites that he is most excited about.

"Honda has a huge following and typically the owners are long-term. They don't hesitate to purchase a Honda and they know it will last.", Tom said. "When I started Element Owners Club for the Honda Element about the time it came out, I knew it would not only be successful, but also it would be a niche market since it is such a unique vehicle. That has proven to be the case, but that community now has over 20,000 members and continues to grow strong."

Since starting the Element Owners Club in 2004, Tom is also responsible for the launch and admin of the top Honda Ridgeline online community - Ridgeline Owners Club, as well as CR-V Owners Club and the all-new FCX Club which features information about Honda's future fuel cell vehicle that should be available in 2008.

spdrcr5 - Forum Admin

Larry, aka "spdrcr5", has been involved in online communities for many years as well. His first involvement was with the Audi community where he was active on several forums and also helped to organize national meets for the Audi clubs. Larry volunteered to help with the first Element Owners Club national meet and has been involved here on the EOC ever since.


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