Second Annual EOC National Meet Held In St. Louis, MO - 2006

Friday, February 1, 2008

2006 Element Owners Club National Meet - St. Louis, MOThe second annual Element Owners Club National Meet, aka "The Big E-vent" was held in St. Louis, MO on July 14-16, 2006. You can count on St. Louis to always be a good time with plenty of things to do. You can also count on St. Louis being humid and hot in July, and the weather during our meet was no different. But the heat didn't keep the EOC away! We had another great event with nearly 50 members in attendance from all over North America.

Our host hotel was the Hampton Inn near Westport, West of St. Louis. This is a trendy area with everything we need washes, gas stations, and places that sell ice and other goodies. One of the greatest perks of this hotel, besides their great staff, was their deep parking lot in back that surrounded their outdoor pool. This made for a perfect social setting when the crowds were back at the home base.

Our meet was scheduled to start on Friday, but many got into town on Thursday night. We had enough to make a caravan over to the local Dave & Buster's. We rented out a section of their billiards area, shared some great food and drinks and then worked our way back to the game room. The EOC likes Dave & Buster's and they were very accommodating. It was a great time and you can still find many pictures from our visit on our forum. Once we arrived back at the hotel, the first of three late nights got underway out in the rear parking lot.

Friday was a fun, open day for attendees to meet one another and to explore St. Louis. Many went to places like the Anheuser Busch plant for a visit (and free samples). Others chose to drive West into Missouri for some winery tours. And some chose to lay around the pool and relax. But Friday night was our first big event on the schedule - a party room at the all-new Busch Stadium where the St. Louis Cardinals hosted the Los Angeles Dodgers. This might seem like an average game for some, but not for Sn8ke and his wife. These two are hardcore Dodgers fans who are also EOC members. They drove from Los Angeles to St. Louis to attend our meet and to be at this game. Oh, and they weren't quite in disguise either. Instead they wore as much blue, LA Dodger gear as a person can wear. It was great fun and it was thrill to have members drive from so far away to hang out with us.

After the game, we faced a long drive back due to traffic, but finally arrived to join the second of three late, late nights. Some did not even go to bed on Friday night. After all, who needs sleep? Any one of us could hop that locked fence around the pool.

Saturday started off with a "car show" of sorts. It was a good opportunity for members to check out each other's rides and further get to know one another. As the heat started to get a bit out of hand, we held our raffle for prizes. Many great prizes were donated once again by our sponsors and there were some big smiles on member's faces to go along with the sweat. We had the great pleasure of having some special guests pull the tickets from the hat this year. Our good friends, Sean and Casey from Kicker were on hand and pulled tickets in addition to donating a ton of fun prizes for our group. They also brought their Kicker Element that was in a previous SEMA show. Wow! Alpine also had a demo Element on display on Saturday.

Many of us had reservations to go on a dinner boat cruise on the Mississippi River on Saturday night. While it wasn't the most scenic of trips, it was fun and the meal was good to go along with the company. Lucky for us, St. Louis was having free, live concerts on the riverfront on Saturday nights and we were leaving the boat just in time to catch the end of the concert followed by a great fireworks show. By that time, many of us were drained of all energy we had, but we fought through it to spend one more night together in a circle of lawn chairs in the back parking lot of our hotel.

Overall, the weekend was exhausting due to the heat. But it was another reminder of how many great friends we have (and others have) in the Element Owners Club. We call it a "national meet", but these things have become more like family reunions. Special thanks to all of our great sponsors and those who took the time and made the drive to attend.

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