Third Annual EOC National Meet Held In Las Vegas, NV - 2007

2007 Element Owners Club National Meet in Las Vegas, NVThe 2007 Element Owners Club National Meet aka ďThe Big E-VentĒ was held in sunny, HOT Las Vegas, Nevada from June 21-24. Throughout the course of the weekend, we had about 35-40 Honda Elements make an appearance with their owners.

Hereís a quick look at some of the EOC members who were in attendance:

9shelby, B DFRNTj, Bob Kellerman, Burn619, cglengobroke, CitizenShay, citydweller, CMRorangebeauty, dancetiludrop, DCbox, DGR_Spec, Dom.five, Elemen-O-P, EXwSCnose, forgot it, hionvtecxda6, iamwoow, JET, joeBoxer, JSm00thJaZ3, modav, MotelE, NC30, poppa smurf, RamblerDan, ranger, slimerdogs, spdrcr5, T Mac, Triple G, txbk, Ursa Minor

On Friday, June 22, a caravan of 13 Elements made the drive from The Orleans Hotel & Casino (our host hotel) Southeast to Hoover Dam. This was a fun trip with some great views. We took the dam tour and had a dam good time talking about this dam thing and that dam thing. It was extremely hot that day, registering at 109 degrees in the shade at the Hoover Dam visitor's center. Later that night, most members convened in the parking garage for some refreshing beverages and good conversation.

On Saturday, June 23, a larger caravan of 29 Elements made the drive from the hotel out West to Red Rock Canyon. Upon entering the park, we stopped at the visitor's center to check things out and to assemble as a group. We took our group shot and many more after taking over most of one of the lower parking areas. Later, we drove the 13-mile scenic trail together. Riding with our many EOC friends was much fun. Please understand that this writer is a Midwestern boy who gets to look at corn, beans and an occasional hillside. Red Rock Canyon was very, very cool and it was a shame we didn't spend more time there roaming around or even hiking. Unfortunately, we just didn't have time to do that and the grumpy park ranger was forcing us to drive fast and get out of the park. Beautiful place, but probably not a great place to take a car club when Office Grumpy is on duty.

We left Red Rock and drove back into Vegas for lunch together (well, almost together) at BJís Restaurant in Charleston, NV. They forgot about our reservation, but were quite accommodating and got us in quickly Ė although they did seem shocked when 60+ people walked in the front doors all at one time. I'm not sure why this continues to happen to our group, but again...BJ's made the best of it and we got lucky.

Later that afternoon, it was time to gather in our conference room at the hotel, hang out and pass out prizes from our sponsors. We had so many that most every member in the room got more than one! I hope everyone enjoys their prizes and we give a special thanks to the following sponsors:

Saturday night, many members dined together while trying to stay awake. And after dinner, it was time for more fun out in the parking garage, including rides in Tobi's (Honda Ghandi) turbo E. As I told him after my ride, my stock SOP Element will no longer feel like an adequate ride. Wow...if you haven't seen this yet, check out Tobi's TC Performance Honda/Acura shop site.

Iíd like to point out a few things about these meets. First, there are several of us who now have been to all three national meets (me, JuliE, spdrcr5, RamblerDan) and regardless of how many are in attendance, they are a great time that we'll remember forever. Secondly, some members made some big-time drives to attend this yearís meet and we appreciate the dedication. For example, Gary (DC Box) was recognized at our prize giveaway for driving to Vegas from Washington D.C. Thatís an incredible road trip and Iím sure it was a fun one.

You know, these events are fun, but they go by quickly and they sadly have to come to an end. But out of these come more new friends and even closer relationships with existing friends. And...more ideas for modifying the Element! See you next year!

By Tom Mc. (T Mac) - EOC Founder, Admin


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