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Review by T Mac - EOC Admin and Owner

You've probably seen lots of posts on this forum and others about the new Turtle Wax ICE system. They've got ICE Car Wash, ICE paste wax, ICE liquid wax and ICE liquid clay bar. I decided to give these products a try a while back as my first scrub and shine of the season. Admittedly, I went into the process somewhat biased because I have been using the same car detailing products for about five years now (not Turtle Wax). What follows is a summary of how things went and my review of these products.

First, let me also say that when I detail, I spend hours in the process. I start with a heavy wash with Dawn or some other liquid detergent. I then use a clay bar, getting the contaminants off the car and getting the paint smooth all over. I then wash again, thoroughly rinse and only then is the car ready for polish or wax. And that process alone can take me a while because I'm thorough about it and I normally put on at least two coats. This may sound a bit over the top for some and that's fine. But I'm rather particular about my cars and I've found a system that works for me.

Turtle Wax ICE System on T Mac's Honda ElementNow, knowing how I have been doing things for the past several years, let's jump into the ICE from Turtle Wax.

I had four products to check out: ICE Car Wash, ICE Clay Bar, ICE Synthetic Paste Polish, Turtle Wax Foam Away Car Wash. And like normal, I did start with a full, thorough scrub and wash of my Element using Dawn dish washing detergent, followed by a good rinse. That's when I normally grab my clay bar and a spray that helps the clay bar glide along the paint. Instead, this day I used the ICE Liquid Clay.

Turtle Wax applicatorThe ICE Liquid Clay comes in a tall bottle along with a long, foam applicator (the same applicator that I'd later find comes along with the ICE Paste Polish). It had a pleasant, sweet smell. I followed the directions on the bottle, dispensed some of the liquid to the applicator (shown above) and began to scrub down the Element. My first reaction was, "how is this pad going to rub the gunk off of my paint?". As it turns out, I was right to a point. In my opinion, the ICE Liquid Clay did an okay job of removing some stuff that my first wash didn't pick up. I know this because the applicator got dirty. That being said, I still favor an actual clay bar because I think it's more effective and I felt like I really had to lean into this foam applicator for it to grab the gunk off.

Haze from Turtle Wax ICE on Honda ElementOne last thing to know when you use the liquid clay - it will leave a haze on the car as it dries. It's okay, it does wipe off but it did not spray off. I was in somewhat of a panic state when I first noticed this. Again, it does come off with water and a cloth. I followed that up with a wash using the Turtle Wax ICE Car Wash liquid. Again, another decent smelling product with nice bubbles and it goes on and comes off easily. I love using car wash mixes and this one will get lots of use this summer.

So the Element should be clean, bare and ready for a good polish, right? Yes, so let's get started. I opened up the Turtle Wax Synthetic Paste Polish container, which was sealed very well and looks like it should also re-seal well for later use too. With a little dab of water to activate things, I began to apply the paste polish to the Element. The product has a decent smell and went on smooth. I have not used a paste in years (the only polish I used when I did use polish was, in fact, Turtle Wax) so this brought back some memories of that, but it none of them were bad memories. The application process went well.

I let the polish dry and removed it to find a fantastic shine that I could be proud of. After resting up my rubber arms and grabbing a quick drink, I went back at it - applying a second coat. This is really habit for me, but is probably not necessary.

Turtle Wax ICE beads on Honda ElementThe entire week after this process, it rained heavy and I had a smile on my face each time I looked out to see the water beading up on the Element. I continue to get comments about my paint looking new. Sure, I take good care of the Element but you have to use good products to keep it that way. I think the Turtle Wax ICE products did a great job. As I stated, I probably won't use the liquid clay much again, but I have decided to give it another try when I detail my wife's car to be sure I didn't miss something. There are plenty of existing fans of Turtle Wax ICE already on the forum and you can add me down as another satisfied customer.

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