Club Network Overview

Element Owners Club

The entire network of sites started in 2003 with the launch of Element Owners Club - what has become the leading source of consumer feedback and information for the Honda Element. The site has grown and continues to serve an impressive amount of pages each month. With more than 22,000 registered members, the Element Owners Club continues to serve as the top independent resource for the Element while holding regional and national meets for members, participating in toy drives for charity and more.

Ridgeline Owners Club

With the introduction of the exciting truck from Honda, we quickly received requests from members to launch another site for the Honda Ridgeline. And now, the Ridgeline Owners Club site is the leading source of information for owners or potential buyers next to Honda's own site. We have over 11,000 registered members and continue to hold regional and national meets, donate to charity as a group during the holidays and more.

CR-V Owners Club

We've got the Element and Ridgeline covered...why not the CR-V, right? With as many members as we have with our first two sites, we found that many also owned the CR-V or have interest in possibly purchasing one down the road. We also found many of them asking us to start yet another site for them to discuss the CR-V exclusively. As a result, we launched the all-new CR-V Owners Club site/forum in the summer of 2006 and now have more than 2,300 registered members and are quickly picking up steam. As more people find the site, we anticipate it will also grow into another large, active resource for Honda SUV information, advice and feedback.

Odyssey Owners Club

In December of 2007, we launched Odyssey Owners Club to serve the owners and enthusiasts of the Honda Odyssey. If you have an Odyssey or are considering the thought of adding this van to your garage, please join us there!

Honda FCX Club

As you may or may not be aware...Honda has a fuel cell car that is making headlines - well before it even hits the roads for consumers. The Honda FCX is the exciting fuel cell car from Honda that will be available for lease in the United States in 2008.

Honda has given a few of these out as test models, but there are no true owners at this point. But, we hope you'll join us at FCX Club as we discuss this green-thinking vehicle of the future.

Honda Dealer Directory

We also have a Honda Dealer Directory that is shared by all sites. It is still new and growing, but can be a useful resource for you in your search.

What's Next?

Good question. The short answer is plenty. We enjoy what we do and we are earning a reputation for launching and managing some of the best online resources for Honda vehicles. We all know that Honda is only going to continue to be a leader in automotive sales in North America and around the world. Our plan is to continue to be a leader in information exchange about their vehicles today, tomorrow and long into the future.

If you are not familiar with our sites, we encourage you to take the time to visit each one and be sure to browse the forums - truly the heart and soul of each of our sites. Thank you.

Thanks for checking us out! If you like what we do, please come back and tell a friend.


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