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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Imported Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:grin: Very Happy Very Happy
:mrgreen: Mr. Green Mr. Green
:oops: Embarassed Embarassed
:-D Very Happy Very Happy
:| Neutral Neutral
:razz: Razz Razz
:arrow: Arrow Arrow
:x Mad Mad
:idea: Idea Idea
:lol: Laughing Laughing
:?: Question Question
8) Cool Cool
:!: Exclamation Exclamation
:? Confused Confused
;-) Wink Wink
:shock: Shocked Shocked
:roll: Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
:-o Surprised Surprised
:twisted: Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
:-( Sad Sad
:evil: Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
:-) Smile Smile
:cry: Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
Fun Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:002: action-smiley-002 action-smiley-002
:eoc: eoc_rocks eoc_rocks
:006: action-smiley-006 action-smiley-006
:010: action-smiley-010 action-smiley-010
:014: action-smiley-014 action-smiley-014
:018: action-smiley-018 action-smiley-018
:024: action-smiley-024 action-smiley-024
:027: action-smiley-027 action-smiley-027
:028: action-smiley-028 action-smiley-028
:029: action-smiley-029 action-smiley-029
:030: action-smiley-030 action-smiley-030
:035: action-smiley-035 action-smiley-035
:039: action-smiley-039 action-smiley-039
:043: action-smiley-043 action-smiley-043
:047: action-smiley-047 action-smiley-047
:051: action-smiley-051 action-smiley-051
:060: action-smiley-060 action-smiley-060
:062: action-smiley-062 action-smiley-062
:063: action-smiley-063 action-smiley-063
:064: action-smiley-064 action-smiley-064
:sw004: car-smiley-004 car-smiley-004
:food004: food-smiley-004 food-smiley-004
:food005: food-smiley-005 food-smiley-005
:food007: food-smiley-007 food-smiley-007
:food012: food-smiley-012 food-smiley-012
:food018: food-smiley-018 food-smiley-018
:food022: food-smiley-022 food-smiley-022
:food023: food-smiley-023 food-smiley-023
:jump011: jumping-smiley-011 jumping-smiley-011
:jump016: jumping-smiley-016 jumping-smiley-016
:jump021: jumping-smiley-021 jumping-smiley-021
:jump024: jumping-smiley-024 jumping-smiley-024
:sleep003: sleeping-smiley-003 sleeping-smiley-003
:sleep012: sleeping-smiley-012 sleeping-smiley-012
:sport022: sport-smiley-002 sport-smiley-002
:sw008: star-wars-smiley-008 star-wars-smiley-008
:023: star-wars-smiley-023 star-wars-smiley-023
:026: star-wars-smiley-026 star-wars-smiley-026
:vomit001: vomit-smiley-001 vomit-smiley-001
:vomit008: vomit-smiley-008 vomit-smiley-008
:vomit024: vomit-smiley-024 vomit-smiley-024
:fart: fart-smiley fart-smiley
:cheerleader: cheerleader cheerleader
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:bart: bartsimpson bartsimpson
:batman: batman batman
:calvin: calvin calvin
:cartman: cartman cartman
:charliebrown: charliebrown charliebrown
:daphne: daphne daphne
:domokun: domokun domokun
:eeyore: eeyore eeyore
:fred: fred fred
:garfield: garfield garfield
:hellokitty: hellokitty hellokitty
:hobbes: hobbes hobbes
:homer: homersimpson homersimpson
:joecool: joecool joecool
:jon: jonarbuckle jonarbuckle
:kenny: kenny kenny
:kyle: kyle kyle
:linus: linus linus
:lisa: lisasimpson lisasimpson
"lucy" lucy lucy
:maggie: maggiesimpson maggiesimpson
:marcie: marcie marcie
:marge: margesimpson margesimpson
:mickey: mickeymouse mickeymouse
:minnie: minniemouse minniemouse
:mystery: mystermachine mystermachine
:odie: odie odie
:peppermint: peppermintpatty peppermintpatty
:piglet: piglet piglet
:pigpen: pigpen pigpen
:pooky: pooky pooky
:sally: sally sally
:schroeder: schroeder schroeder
:scoobydoo: scooby-doo scooby-doo
:shaggy: shaggy shaggy
:snoopy: snoopy snoopy
:stan: stan stan
:superman: superman superman
:velma: velma velma
:pooh: winniethepooh winniethepooh
:woodstock: woodstock woodstock
:flyingace: wwiflyingace wwiflyingace
:batman2: batman2 batman2
:taz: taz taz
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:damote: damote24 damote24
:zombie001: zombie01 zombie01
:zombie002: zombie02 zombie02
:zombie003: zombie03 zombie03
:zombie004: zombie04 zombie04
:zombie005: zombie05 zombie05
:zombie006: zombie06 zombie06
:zombie007: zombie07 zombie07
:zombie008: zombie08 zombie08
:zombie009: zombie09 zombie09
:zombie010: zombie10 zombie10
:zombie011: zombie11 zombie11
:zombie012: zombie12 zombie12
:zombie013: zombie13 zombie13
:zombie014: zombie14 zombie14
:zombie015: zombie15 zombie15
:zombie016: zombie16 zombie16
:zombie017 zombie17 zombie17
:zombie018: zombie18 zombie18
:zombie019: zombie19 zombie19
:zombie020: zombie20 zombie20
:zombie021: zombie21 zombie21
:zombie022: zombie22 zombie22
:zombie023: zombie23 zombie23
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:hol010: xmas-smiley-010 xmas-smiley-010
:hol029: xmas-smiley-029 xmas-smiley-029
:hol032: xmas-smiley-032 xmas-smiley-032
:hol037: xmas-smiley-037 xmas-smiley-037
:hol039: xmas-smiley-039 xmas-smiley-039
:hol045: xmas-smiley-045 xmas-smiley-045
:hol002: xmas-smiley-002 xmas-smiley-002
:hol005: xmas-smiley-005 xmas-smiley-005
:hol012: xmas-smiley-012 xmas-smiley-012
:hol021: xmas-smiley-021 xmas-smiley-021
:hol022: xmas-smiley-022 xmas-smiley-022
:hol042: xmas-smiley-042 xmas-smiley-042
:hol12: 12 12
:bat: bat bat
:birthday: birthday birthday
:holcc2: candycane2 candycane2
:holcc1: candycane candycane
:holcc3: cc cc
:holclov: clover clover
:holeaster: easteregg easteregg
:holdreidel: dreidel dreidel
:holelf elf elf
:holEvil: evilpumpkin evilpumpkin
:holfcrack: firecracker firecracker
:holflag: flagday flagday
:holfrosty: frosty frosty
:holginger: gingerbreadhouse gingerbreadhouse
:holhalloween1: halloween halloween
:holhalloween2: halloweentortghost halloweentortghost
:holhalloween3: haloweencat haloweencat
:hollight1: holidaylight holidaylight
:holhalloween4: haloweenpumpkin haloweenpumpkin
:holhalloween5: jack-o-lantern jack-o-lantern
:holmenorah: menorah menorah
:holornament: ornament ornament
:holmistle: mistletoe mistletoe
holpinata pinata pinata
:holpresent: present present
:holhalloween6: pumpkin2 pumpkin2
:holpoppy: redpoppy redpoppy
:holrudolph: rudolph rudolph
:holsantahat: santahat santahat
:holsnowball: snowball snowball
:holsnowman2: snowman2 snowman2
:holsnowman1: snowman snowman
:holhalloween7: witch witch
:holhalloween8: witching witching
:holwreath: wreath wreath
:holstocking: stocking stocking
:holxmas3: xmas3 xmas3
:holxmasnorthpole: xmasnorthpole xmasnorthpole
:holxmasunwrap2: xmasunwrap2 xmasunwrap2
More Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:shuriken: shuriken shuriken
:boat: boat boat
:scooter: scooter scooter
:rockon: rockon rockon
:beta: beta beta
:offtopic: offtopic offtopic
:ban: ban ban
:ninja: ninja ninja
:balloon: balloon balloon
:bday: Happy Bday Happy Bday
:dots: dots dots
:devil2: devil2 devil2
:detective: detective detective
:stupid: stupid stupid
:cowboy: cowboy cowboy
:lips: lips lips
:sorcerer: sorcerer sorcerer
:chef: chef chef
:eye: eye eye
:guns: guns guns
:alien: alien alien
:angel: angel angel

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