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Convert Side Markers to Turn Signals - ALTERNATE method for LEDs.
-If you have converted your exterior lights to LEDs, and you already have the side marker turn signal mod, it will cause behavioral malfunction of some or all of your LEDS. Alternatively, if you were looking for a less simple way to convert sidemarker to turn signals, here is your answer. If you already have LEDs, and WANT a side-marker turn-signal mod, THIS IS IT.
  1. If present, remove the old Side Marker Turn Signal Mod.
  2. Basically, just follow the diagram.
    -I used female insulated quick disconnects again for all the connections to the relays.
    -I used male and female insulated quick disconnects for the side marker running light cuts, so it can be returned to normal function if so desired (similar to no. 4 above in Patchwire).
    -You need 5-blade relays for AUTOMOTIVE use. It works best to put two very close together on the power tap side (see pics).
    -You can use the 1N4004 (1-amp) Radio Shack diodes. I actually got talked into using 3-amp diodes, but don't have the packaging anymore to post the info.
    -You NEED the diodes for this, or you will get turn signal bleed in your dash indicators. It's a very good idea regardless to prevent other issues I ran into while testing without them.
    -I tapped the power from the hot terminals at the back of the under-hood fusebox.
    -I used a 15amp fuse, inline, immediately after the power hookup.
    -I tapped the front turn signals using T-Tap type insulated quick disconnects, a couple inches from the bulb.
    -You only need to tap running light source power from ONE side (either), so the other will be unused.
    -You NEED to enclose all this wiring in corrugated tubing to protect it inside the car. Zip tie in place.
    -Rather than "octopus" this thing, you can enclose it mostly in ONE long tube, with connections along the length (see pics).
    -See routing picture. Don't get too close to the engine!
  3. Install & Test
  4. BAM! Side Marker Turn Signals!

Name:  IMG_3036.JPG
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Name:  IMG_3031.jpg
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^finished, pre-tubing

Name:  IMG_3034.jpg
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Name:  IMG_3105.jpg
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^double relay location (left side of car), small green tubing is part of this mod

Name:  IMG_3107.jpg
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^single relay location (right side of car), small green tubing is part of this mod

Name:  IMG_3108.jpg
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^routing (right side of car), small green tubing is part of this mod,
hard to read parts say (left to right):
-"power to side marker"
-"route around front of structure"
-"turn signal tap"

The Props:
  • 95% of the design credit goes to Yusoweird for putting up with my harassing emails.
  • 5% of the design credit goes to Me.
  • 100% of the crazy-enough-to-trust-the-internet-guy-I've-never-met-and-test-these-on-my-beloved-E credit goes to me.
  • Honorable mention goes to Eww-an-E for his usual unfaltering help when I need it.

Research Threads:
Yusoweird's Original Flasher mod from another forum.
LED Confusion, Please Help
Converting Side Markers to Turn Signals- Alternative Method?
Exterior LED Conversion Success?

The End. (I hope I didn't forget anything).
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