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Do you have any pictures? I'm interested in seeing how wide it is. also installed my today. I mostly followed the instructions here:
Since I have an EX, that had a standard armrest before, I didn't have to make any additional cuts. It took some finagling, but no cuts required.

First, I removed the old armrest with a 17mm socket for the main nut and two 10mm socket for the two retaining bolts. (per the instructions)
From there, I put the new 'socket bolts' on two separate hex/allen wrenches and put them through the base - in position. With those all ready, I squeezed the base through the existing hole and lined up the pin. Since the existing hole in the fabric was a little tight, I kind of hooked the socket bolts with the wrenches under the fabric and lined them up into their respective holes and screwed them in. Having two allen/hex/socket wrenches was really nice for torquing them in evenly, as I am not sure I would be able to alternate back and forth between the bolts with a single wrench because the fabric is kind of in the way.

It's all good know! I really like the wider armrest, and the ability to adjust the angle is real nice. Only downside is that it is no longer easy to squeeze between the front and back seats now... but at least the large armrest removes out of the base easily![/QUOTE]
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