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Originally Posted by ajusaf View Post
Hi all, Iíve owned accord and civics to include oldie crx. Im currently leasing Mazda CX-9 but wanted another reliable vehicle to tag miles to keep the lease miles low. I like how element can be used in many ways and the functionality of the space in the back.

I believe I had read that the 2007or 2008 have the chain timing belt which is better and the engine is more durable. Is this the case? I havenít seen many under 100k miles without paying more fhan 7k. Iíve saw an SC but has many outside scratches and minor dents which I didnít care for. The only difference Iíve seen between SC and EX besides some exterior difference is the inside dash.

Which year do you recommend? Most are 110k-180k under 8k in my areas
I bought my 2008 Element EX new, it now has 114,000 miles, it does indeed have a timing chain. The 2008 EX's also has all wheel drive, the SC does not. I can go pretty much anywhere I want in snow. I haven't had anything go wrong with her (knock on wood) she's been super reliable. Love my Element!
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