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Originally Posted by cursh View Post
Again. Thanks for the help. I needed some next steps and they really worked out:

back wheels were independently seized. When I went to take off the back wheel (impact driver) it rattled the X(assuming caliper?) loose so that the wheel started spinning. For the right I just tapped the back side of the wheel nuckle with a hammer and it broke free.

Now the thing is on the street, but I want to see what I can do to get it back into driving shape:

Option 1: Drive it to a brake place and have them look at it (could say my brakes are making noise or something.)

Option 2: DIY? Is there a way to clean up whatever seized so that I'm rolling smooth again?
When the car sits, especially when the air is humid, you get flash rust on the brake rotors. If it rusts enough it will cause the rotors to stick as you have described.

Here is what I would do. Have somebody apply and release the parking brake a few times while you watch each rear parking brake cable to insure they are applying and releasing freely. If so, and the wheels are now free to turn, just drive it and see what happens. The first few stops will produce a grinding noise as the rust is scraped off the brake rotors but afterward it should be fine. If not, worry about that when the time comes.
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