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  1. OEM intake removed

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    nice DIY mod... i did that to my civic before too... Cold Air is the sheit!!... just make sure you put it back to stock when it rains...
  2. Few pics of my new E (warning: very stock Element!)

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    you should JDM the E like the EG... that would be sick!!!... lovin the EG more than the E... for now... hehe...
  3. Carbon Fiber Hood

    any CF on the E would be sick!!...
  4. 04 E with Carbon You asked For It You GOt it .. 56K haha

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    no E can top this.... this is the best E hands down!!... in terms of show only though... CF is too sick to ignore!!!... too bad it's not the 5 sp manual tranny... IMO, this is the nicest E that's ever been posted in this website...
  5. NBP EXP check it out!

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    very nice!!... i like the clean look w/o the emblems... reminds me of my 96 EK... all you need are 20" black wheels with a chrome lip... that would be sick!
  6. Anyone seen a dealer modified E? This one is nice.

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    i like the Injen intake, header and exhaust add ons... that must sound really nice and add on 5 or 10 hp... but i'd rather have the 5 sp manual tranny... the Mugen oil cap is sick too!... i don't like the wheels tho... so how much was the sticker price??... hopefully i find a nice SOP 5 sp MT...
  7. Craziest Accord EVER!

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    Gullwings on an E would be kick ass!... but if i was a Honda engineer, i would design the rear doors to move out on the sides kind of like a mini van... and then i would put in a S2K engine and 6 speed tranny with cross drilled brakes all around... that's what the SC should look and perform like...
  8. NBP owner pics and ideas :)

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  9. NBP owner pics and ideas :)

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    SheDevil... so which So Cali dealer did you buy your E from?... if you don't mind me asking... how much did it cost out the door?... i'm looking to buy one around Nov when the interest rates drop... right now Honda has a 4.9% rate for 60 months... that's really good for Honda, but i'm looking...
  10. Easiest Bed with Mass Storage

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    that is genius!!!.... both ideas are awesome!!!...
  11. 2007 Honda Element SC Prototype Emphasizes Style and Performance [4.13.6]

    is it really that hard for Honda to slap on the S2000 engine and transmission on the E?... 10 HP increase is most likely nullified by those 21" wheels... i don't like the projectors bc the OG boxy healdlights work well with the boxyness of the E... i also don't like the front bumper bc it's...