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  • Abbeytoo ·
    What do I have to do to post? I have 2 rear seats I want to sell. Tried to post to the trading forum and was told I do not have privileges.
    TEEEL ·
    How can I post in the trading post? My account isn't able to. I have paid for the upgraded membership. Thanks in advance.
    LocalPhoto ·
    Hello and thanks for your work. I have to sell my element. I do not have sufficient posts to do it on this forum. I will remove my images and delete my account after I sell the element. thanks for your work on this forum has been very helpful for the last four years. Terence
    Alaskan_Toaster ·
    I'm a BIG fan of RockAuto and would like to add them (and us) to each others websites. They have a car club link that we should be added to and they would be right in line with our other advertisers.

    Thank you for your time and consideration on this. Bryan

    Here's the info they need to add us:

    The Link Exchange info is at the bottom of the page.
    Skyguy31269 ·
    Was wondering if you allow a posting for an Element accessory that i would like to sell. What the item is, is an OEM Honda Element Privacy curtain. If so, how and where would I be able to post it?
    Thank You,
    jpb1138 ·
    Hello I recently sent 8$ for the element stickers.

    Paypal email: [email protected]

    Are there options at this point for colors? or just one variety?

    I assume we get two with our purchase?

    If colors are available, I'd like one white, and one matte black.

    If not, send whatever! Thanks...

    Let me know, if possible.
    Neurone ·
    please, reactivate my account... I came every week on the forum but not logged. So you probably think that my account was unused..
    I cannot participate on the forum.
    NightStalker ·
    Hello! I was wondering if there was anyway to change the "Lifetime Premium Member" banner under my name to something like Supporting Member or Lifetime Member or something less conspicuous. A good example of this is on the Corvette Action Center website. I'm not sure, but that change may help other members decide to donate to the cause. Thanks for your help! Jim
    leftfield6 ·
    I know the user name is the one thing that you guys don't like to change, but I'm going to request it anyway. I'm really trying to get away from using the "hiram6" user name on web forums. It was a mistake to have used part of my actual name, especially a unique name like mine, and I would appreciate it if you would approve a change to "leftfield6". Thanks for your consideration.
    rider93hawg ·
    The verification string on the CRV Owners Club site seems to be messed up as I tried all kinds of combinations of posting the capital letters without any luck. How come info from EOC just doesn't automatically transfer over as that sure would make it easier. Thanks.
    Greenaway ·
    Hi.... I am a fairly new member/E-owner. I would like to to post an item for sale but it seems I need permission from the administrator.... I am wondering how I go about getting that permission. If someone could help me out, that would be awesome. I read about the scamming on here and would like to know if there is a way to prove yourself as legitimate? I am open to all scrutiny.

    Thanks in advance
    jsitar ·
    My computer is running really slow on this web site. It takes 15 to 20 seconds to load a page or to go back using the back arrow. This has just happened in the past two weeks and it only happens on the EOC site. Could this be a problem with my computer or does it happen to anyone else? Computer works fine on other sites, ie. Google, Yahoo, etc.
    oljef ·
    I'm not sure why I can't post. A little help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Jeff
    My bad, I figured it out. Sorry to bother you
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