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  • RobsFieros ·
    I only broke 1 leg, my clutch leg, but I did break both shoulders, distroyed my sinuses, messed up my face and split my head open. More but I'll leave it at that for now. But now I'm going as RobsFieros58 on my club site.
    RobsFieros ·
    Guess what or who I found? I'm doing great. Getting better everyday. I know your busy with your family so don't get in to big of a hurry on our website.
    jesbecause ·
    was talking this morning about a cartoon character , I saw yours (avatar) and need to know his name , I remember him from dick dastardly or penelope something . Anyway the character I'm looking for , would make a begging sound before he got his treat and then float in the air once he got it ? Don't ask just turned 50 like you and the memory ain't too good !
    2009 ELE ·
    Hey I'm sorry to read about the Saints. I love dogs and I know I would have been sick to my stomach. Let us know if there is anything we can do.
    bh241 ·
    I've been busy more so than usual lately. Free time has been at a minimum to say the least.

    Jamie, I checked the ETM, and it looks like fuse #5 would send power to the "+B RR FOG" input of the MCU if installed. - Don't know any more than that - I can't seem to locate any documentation on the MCU. :-x

    However, if I was you, I would take a look-see at fuse #16, it's listed as 'Unused' and - if the fuse clips are there - you could plop a fuse in there and have a dedicated 'HOT AT ALL TIMES' output on connector G, pin #5.

    If you're just wanting to tap into a circuit for your radio, at 4 watts it's not really gonna make a big deal which one you use. You're not talking that much current to begin with. If it was me, I would probably tap into fuse #7 (stereo amplifier) and use that one. (you are wanting a hot at all times source, right?)
    _jea_ ·
    The Electronics Master is first of all Saint's and Retriever's Savior. Benny, we miss you around here but I hope everything is going well and I am keeping my fingers crossed for the Toga's Hipper sale to go well.
    UP&ATOM ·
    Alright, question for the electronics master -

    I'm installing a new cb radio. I would like to tap into the under dash fuse panel. I currently have an Add-A-Circuit powering a 12volt acc plug tapped into Fuse #2 (RR ACC).

    I now notice that the slot for fuse #5 is unused - no fuse at all, no description on the fuse key printed on the back of the panel.

    1- Can I use an Add-A-Circuit to pull power from the empty #5 fuse slot?
    2- If the first option isn't viable, want fuse would you suggest tapping from -using an Add-A-Circuit- to power a 4 watt cb radio?

    I patiently await your suggestions, oh Great Keeper of the 12-Volt Mysteries.


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