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  • burtch07 ·
    haha you sound just like katie!! i hate how bulky the cases make the phone, i likes my phone slim and sleek
    JoshBigMac ·
    Thanks yea the rims really changed the look and the headlights were a pain to pull apart but once it was finished it was worth it
    misdirection11082 ·
    yea i need to get my rears revalved and new springs so i can go low again. i raised it almost 1.75 in the rear and on hard dips and big bumps rub my fenders hard
    misdirection11082 ·
    I bought them from Megan I think it was 140 shipped but you can find them on eBay for less. They are that nice blue color. Completely out of sync from my red and black. The storms are nice but have been heavy. Took down 3 trees in my neighborhood in 1 storm
    misdirection11082 ·
    Dang that stinks. It's good over here we've been getting storms almost every afternoon. Boo. I hear ya on the camber kits. I don't have fronts but I am running the Megan racing crv ones in the rear. I got them only cause I liked the blue. I did a thread on them I while back. Good luck on the sale.
    South Coast 'E'ccessories ·
    Thanks for checking in. The dash mat is on our summer special. The price is $37.95 + S&H, and then we'll send you a $5.00 rebate. Color choice is Black or Charcoal Grey.

    Have a good weekend with your family,

    Reggiep ·
    Nothing major yet. Got the bug reflector on and the new speakers in so far. Getting ready to move, so all my money is being put away for that! The first two things I wanna do after I move is get the fog lights and side steps installed....then red emblems!
    AztecRol ·
    It was great meeting you, your wife, and your son!!! I got the tires put on before I drove
    back home on Saturday. They are AWESOME!! I'll get some pix up soon. As for the rims, I need to make up my mind if I want to mount them as is, or get them refinished. If I post up a tesaser pic, I'll PM ya.
    misdirection11082 ·
    hey burtch no i didnt do any picks or right ups. i only posted after shots on the what did you do today thread. if you are going to paint your panels inside in the rear you need to remove the lower panels first than the uppers. the fronts are really easy to come off. i used krylon fusion satin black than coated with rustoleum clear than another couple sprays of the satin. not sure why but the clear makes the satin scratch proof. i tried some without the clear and it scratched off on the install. for the headliner i used a lot of dye and one of those pump sprayers. i tried one corner with the paint just to see it does cover really great and if you go slow it doesnt streak. i would recommend that you find a interior place and get it done though.
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