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  • Dwickham1980 ·
    Hey Man... I'm Robb Hunter's buddy here in Portland. It's awesome you're so active on this forum. I'm looking forward to doing the suspension on my 03 EX. I'm trying to decide if I should lift it while I'm at it.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hi.

    Eww-an E ·
    Hello, I just checked on my imageshack account and unfortunately all of my pictures have been deleted due to a change in their policy for free picture storage. So for me to access those CDT sub woofer pics. I'd have to go through the trouble of finding all of them on one of my portable hard drives and uploading them elsewhere. Sorry, I currently don't have time to do that. Although I did notice that by doing a Google image search and typing in Honda Element CDT subwoofer the pictures can still be viewed and it's fairly easily to pick out all the pictures that I originally posted in my install thread. Not sure why they're still there, but at least you'll be able to see them.
    Eww-an E ·
    Thanks. If I have time tomorrow, I'll gather up those pictures and put them in an album on imageshack and then post the link to that album in my original thread, so you and others can view them.
    Skyguy31269 ·
    I'm really interested in doing this to mine. is there any way you can send me pictures of how you did it. Kinda hard to tell the mounting pictures of how it was done. How the rods are connected and the lock mechanism is attached. Thanx!
    [email protected]
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