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  • 808LunchBox ·
    Where can u purchase the nice bumper clips I see in so many pics like the one on the elemental motorsports sight, the E that is in the radiator cooling plate ad? He has the red bumper clips? Thanks-
    whoizdizguy ·
    im looking for someone to help me with my ksport suspension
    if u can please point me in the right direction
    i have a few questions

    i just purchased a open box but new set of ksports off of ebay for 500
    n wanted to know how to identify if i need to change the rear springs
    and what about adding the bearings to the fronts to prevent a pop
    also i no ppl are saying use oem top hats for the rear
    but that was back in 2009
    should i still use oem
    or is thr a better way for that

    i have not installed them
    i will due so after all is needed for them to ride properly

    thank u
    gibroni ·
    Are there any pics posted of your speakers installed? You have the Pioneers, right? I'm looking to buy the same or similar setup.
    EG012 ·
    Hey Chief, wanted to know what spring rate did you go with in the front. I was going to go up to a 16g, but the guys said that 14g was good enough. If you have a 16g, hows the ride? thanks.
    Dmag310 ·
    Hey Chief, i know that i've seen the how to on cutting/rolling fenders before, but i just cant seem to find it. Can you help me out, because my rear tires are rubbing way too much! thanks in advance-Darren
    Sincity777 ·
    Hey Chief I have decided to sell my E so I'm not going to keep the K-Sports coilovers I just bought from insane_sc they are the upgraded heavier rear springs.If you know anybody who wanted them let me know. Much appreciated..

    You can give me a call or PM me if you have some buyers... I'm selling them for $700 + shipping and SC Bumper spoilers too $50. I also have an SC bumper that I bought from ebay that needs some sanding work but would look good for an SC conversion... I have some pix in the trading post.. Thanks Chief
    Sincity777 ·
    Hi Chief, just wanted to ask you a question on some good performance parts for the Element I have the 2004 DX so I'm in need of some HP; I do have a manual so that is a good starting point. I've done some research in this area (cold air intake,exhaust,headers,ect) but what about turbo kits and other options to get that much needed HP?
    Oh yeah called Island Motor Sports and spoke with Lisa yesterday I'm getting some Tein coil overs with the re valve and heavier rear springs on friday!!!! :-}
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