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  • cursh ·
    Any interested in rehosting the photo-links to your sub upgrade? Looks like you did a great job, and I'd like to learn from your work before starting on my own.
    A13X ·
    Whats up man, Im in Md too

    any local meetups in Maryland ?

    how is your stage III retrofit HID working out thus far?
    skellington ·
    Thanks for the info,I had heard of the Team Dynamics but didn't know they made the Jades and DrifZ.
    After seeing the Jades on your Element that sealed the deal !
    skellington ·
    Eww I saw that you are running Jade R wheels(and they look awesome) How is the quality? I was able to get a deal on some used 18's in the same style and bought them after seeing how yours look.
    Yoshi ·
    Eww, got a question for ya, Have you attempted to put a filter on the opening of that old home made CAI you got? just out of curiosity, makes me wanna do a dual-filtration system(if that even exists/works) LOL
    Yoshi ·
    Eww, I saw your vid on the E with a straight pipe with the Cat

    I have a question though, did you ever get an annoying drone at highway speeds?
    jercrook84 ·
    Hey man, where did you find those Jade R's with the right bolt pattern. All I can find is the 5x112.. BTW you're E looks sick
    mudman bob ·
    Just finished de-finning my air filter box and removed the resonator. I also put a Spectre intake hose on. Personally, I can feel the difference, oh yeah; I can hear it too.<grins> Thank you. I'm headed to Ocean City in July for a week, where are you?
    ElEmEnT EcStAcY ·
    Sweet deal!!! Keep me posted! I'm saving up for rims and a drop also....that's just alot of cash to fork out.....ugh ....priorities...priorities....i wish I had more $ to spend on the E :-(
    ElEmEnT EcStAcY ·
    Hey there!!! Just curious if you lowered your car yet....I havn't seen any new pics since you posted your new rims....I DEMAND TO SEE IT DROPPED!!!!!! lol j/k :)
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