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  1. May I get fries with that shake? šŸ˜Ž

    Problems & Issues
    Yes, I have a similar problem between 40 and 55 mph! Someone posted on my post that he's was differently torque convertor.
  2. Something Vibrating while driving

    Problems & Issues
    Last nite, I drove the expressway home between 65 mph and higher! Just felt it once for about five seconds! This morning, took the city streets to work ,in that range of 45 to 50 mph and there it was again! I was thinking this morning, maybe drive shaft? I guess I need to go forward a little...
  3. Something Vibrating while driving

    Problems & Issues
    2007 Element, 150k miles, while I driving around anywhere something starts to vibrate like if I were driving on the rumple strips on the side of the road. Honda doesn't see anything wrong, claiming the Element needs new brakes pads! Why wouldn't it happen when I am applying the brakes then? Any...