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  • hiker chick ·
    LOL Elsewhere. Inform spouse that fresh air aids the libido. And promise to do all the cooking (and dishes). Camp cooking is fun and oh so delicious. I was in the same position 20 years ago, getting back into camping for the first time since childhood. Aim for a clear weather forecast so your spouse's first experience isn't a soggy one. Have a comfy place to sleep (good double air mattress) and great food. Carefully research the campground so there are no surprises. For spouses sake, find a campground with showers. If you can, set up the tent at home so you ensure that all the poles are there and you have sufficient stakes and guy line. Practice makes near-perfect. And welcome to EOC! (don't forget to pack the ear plugs)
    Elsewhere ·
    Wow! Your posts are so detailed and oozing with outdoorsy greatness!!!
    I am looking to start doing more Camp oriented activities with my E and your packlist and general content you've shared is invaluable. Thank you! Any advice for someone who hasn't been camping since childhood for getting back into the swing of things (beyond the above stated obvious)? Also tips for kidnapping a begrudgingly non outdoorsy spouse and stealing away into the woods? Haha
    Thanks again and keep the awesome content flowing!
    BOLL-X ·
    Hello Hiker Chick,
    A while back I was reading in the dogs section, I think you mentioned an excellent formula for older dogs who are getting arthritic? I'm looking for a good recommendation on a glucosamine/chondroitan supplement. Right now I am doling out Butler Synovial Support Supplement that my vet recommended but it doesn't have the chondroitan ingredient. What would you recommend? Is people-grade OK? Your opinion would be greatly welcomed. Thanks, Nancy
    MiloBramble ·
    Just want to say that I love your camping set up and that you have a beautiful dog. I went to your photo website....great pics.
    JoeCoastie ·
    hiker chick,
    I recently joined EOC and just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your posts, and seeing your photos. I have to admit, I'm planning on borrowing some of your gear set-ups. I have also found myself daydreaming about being out and about in one of the many state parks after seeing your TD posts. Seriously looking for a good deal on a used TD and gear. Thank you and God Bless
    gisele ·
    Came here looking for Gidgets homepage URL. Please forward it to me via PM. Thanks Hiker Chick.

    And Happy New Year!!
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