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  1. Bad mpg highway

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    If you don’t have a record of valve adjustment around the 100-110k miles mark then definitely do a valve adjustment. If valves were done on time I would check your 4wd components, drain and fill your rear diff with genuine Honda Pump II fluid. My guess is at slower in-town driving speeds the...
  2. Pesky “Engine Malfunction” Light

    Problems & Issues
    Billboggs, I would first try swapping the coil pack from cylinder #3 with one of your functional cylinders. If the P0303 clears and flags the corresponding swapped cylinder (P0301, 0302, or 0304) then the coil pack (originally in #3) is your culprit.
  3. Crunchy Front End Noises.

    Problems & Issues
    I would check your front Lower Control Arms bushings, front strut upper mounts and bearings.
  4. Looking for a mechanic who can work on E

    Mid-Atlantic Element Owners
    Likely the banging front end noise is your front “lower control arm” bushings have failed.
  5. Brakes wearing out very quickly & inconsistently

    Problems & Issues
    Doublec96, The following thread should help. Yes the caliper brackets are included. I’ve had these TSX fronts for like 5000 miles now and don’t regret them at all great bang for the buck upgrade. Best of luck to you.
  6. Rattle/Vibration in Rear Interior Trim

    Problems & Issues
    I would check the heat shielding underneath your E between the exhaust and floor pan. That thin metal is mounted with an air gap both above and below it.
  7. Back Seat Compatibility for '07 SC

    All the rear seats mount the same. I have placed 2010 rear seats in 2003 E’s.
  8. Halfshaft same part SC price cheaper than EX

    Problems & Issues
    Yes, they should fit front just fine. All 2wd and 4wd E’s use the same front half-shafts.
  9. Engine knocking noise

    Problems & Issues
    I’m back on the AC clutch..... when they wear out they make all kinds of sounds an eventually seize snapping your serpentine belt.
  10. Low Moan coming from front or engine area

    Problems & Issues
    Ron92646, Check all of your break dust shields (they are behind your rotors). It is possible one or more are making contact with the inner side of your rotor, the vibration on the thin dust-shield metal will cause an audible sound at certain speeds.
  11. Engine knocking noise

    Problems & Issues
    Mx_racer1 excellent point, timing chain noise. Glad to hear the OP has a tensioner on hand.
  12. Engine knocking noise

    Problems & Issues
    Is your belt tensioner old, I wonder if the spring is weak allowing the serpentine belt to slack ever so slightly. Is the sound significantly different with the AC running. If so your AC clutch and pulley could be dragging when not in use. Cause it a chatter instead of freely rotating with...
  13. New A/C Compressor, No A/C

    Problems & Issues
    When you press the AC button on your cabin climate control does the button light green? Does the radiator fan turn on and stay on? If yes and you have read the resistance of the clutch coil and say it is good, attempted to drive the fan with 12vdc and it does not work, checked and cleaned...
  14. New A/C Compressor, No A/C

    Problems & Issues
    Since your fan did not run when connected directly to 12vdc source, Check body ground G201
  15. New A/C Compressor, No A/C

    Problems & Issues
    Under dash fuse #14?