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  • whoizdizguy ·
    I saw u post in a thread that u can get bearing for the top hats for $40 + shipping ... For the k-sport coilovers
    Is this still possible... And where can I get the coilovers for a decent price ... I think I may drop it
    ST_Element ·
    Hey is the E in your avatar a real vehicle? Or is it a toy/photochop/etc? If real do you know where I can find a large picture of it. Looks interesting.
    Yoda E SC ·
    sorry i never responded to this man, i just posted it up on my visitor messages. DUH. i would love to know whta they want to do these parts in carbon. it was too much work for the little bit of result it yielded. i might do the tangerine tinted clear over them or something but the whole making it process was a pain.
    Pope*Mobile ·
    Thanks, but I'm (unfortunately) not looking right now; we just went down to one car temporarily to keep me home with the kids so it financially just isn't an option. The running joke around here is when I'm going to get my next one because I can't seem to go very long without one- I bought my 3rd E within a week of selling my 2nd. Guess it's not one of the worst addictions to have!?!

    Anyway, I've started a new business, so if all goes as I anticipate I will hopefully be buying another E in the future . . . perfect vehicle for advertising- just need to find an eye-catching color that goes with the colors of my business in an awd 5 speed and have enough money to be able to pay in cash! :rolleyes:
    insane_sc ·
    Lol, youll have that, almost always logged in on my IPhone so I can check it out at any time. I love this site!
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