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  • kzsteve45 ·
    Do you have any fronts for my girlfriend's 05 EX AT with side airbags? Our dogs tore them up a bit. We live here in Jax up by the airport. Thank you. Steve
    Gautch ·
    Hey Locksmith, so my 03 key wont turn. My question though is more about swapping out the passenger side lock with the driver side lock. Do you know if that will work? I never need to unlock the passenger door with out 1st opening the driver door.

    Another idea, the passenger door can be locked when its open, but the driver door can not. Do you know if the part that prevents you from locking the driver door while its open, can that be removed?

    Thanks for your insight!
    Unlockinc ·
    Hi Locksmith...I'm a new member...have a customer with a '03 Element do I find your "key won't turn-problem and fix" thread, as noted by ajchien in your visitor message section?...driver door...insertion/removal issue...keys OK. Also, where would you recommend purchase of driver door lock it available uncoded?
    Thank You!
    JimB - United Locksmiths Inc
    samm1t ·
    Hey Locksmith! Signed up just to say thanks a ton for your picture walk-through on taking the door panel off. Super helpful, and saved me $200!
    ajchien ·
    Hi Pierre Locksmith - thank you for your DIY thread on the element titled 'key won't turn - problem and fix'. In that thread, there is post #55 where you show a small pin and spring that close the small metal door to the front of the door lock. Well, it appears that on my 03 element, that small metal door is always open. I am presuming that either my spring is broken, or the pin somehow got loose and disappeared out of position.

    Is one possibility greater that the other? I will presume that no one sells the door-spring-pin as a replacement, so if then spring is broke, I'd need a new lock (maybe I can find one at a junkyard?). However, I certainly can fashion up a pin if that is more likely the case.

    Also, I am very familiar with taking apart then door panel, but not the lock itself. Is it easy take apart the front of the lock to access the door-spring-pin? That wasn't quite clear to me on the pics, and I'm apprehensive that key lock wafers will be all over my floor when i try this.

    An alternative for me is that perhaps I spray the lock periodically with a silicone lubricant as a water repellant - and then just wait until the lock seizes from extra rust (because the area is exposednopen) over the course of ... Who knows ... 5-6 years??? And then get then whole lock replaced?
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