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  1. Maestro RR wiring

    Mobile Electronics
    Just wanted to update that I simply followed the instruction sheet from idatalink to splice and solder into pin 6 and 14 of the OBD connector under the dash and everything seems to be working. I did not use the H01 harness kit, I get all the gauges but no vehicle info (e.g., doors open, tire...
  2. Maestro RR wiring

    Mobile Electronics
    Did this work with all the Maestro functionality (e.g., sw controls, gauges) or do I need to do what @AVService-314 did with the HO1 harness?
  3. Element camper line

    I would definitely be interested in a nice cabinet for the back. Similar to the old Westfalia's or the 5th Element one you mentioned. What is important to me is nice fit and finish as well as the ability to easily install and remove as I often move/haul large objects in the back I don't think...
  4. Wet Okole fitment issues

    More pics A few more pics
  5. Wet Okole fitment issues

    I purchased the Wet Okole seat covers for my 2011 but unfortunately have several issues. I've been trying to work with WO for about a month, but they keep asking for pictures, but then say they never got my emails. I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar fit issues and what your solution...
  6. Maestro RR wiring

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello, I'm a bit confused about what I need to make the Maestro RR work in my 2011 Element. Crutchfield says The RR doesn't work with the Elements but the idatalink site says it is compatible. Unfortunately, when I registered and logged in, it says there are no install guides for my vehicle so...
  7. OEM hitch info

    Racks, Hitches & Towing
    For anyone that has the OEM hitch receiver and ball mount on a 2009-2011, I'm wondering what the distances of the following are: - Ground top of ball mount/bottom of ball - Bumper to center of ball Thank you.