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  1. Cold Start Stalling HONDA TECH

    Problems & Issues
    Me too. A valve adjustment solve the problem.
  2. My VSA indicator shows intermittently...

    Problems & Issues
    Same problem here with a SC 2007. I have the ABS light at the same time.... intermittent. need hint !
  3. No More Clear Side Markers? (Triangular)

    3 months only of use. One of the side marker split en two parts !!! bad quality on eBay. I just reinstall the original ambers.
  4. Favorite windshield washer fluid?

    Maintenance and Service
    I apply "AQUAPEL" ($7 each on ebay) after this, the fluid is optional !
  5. Arm Rest W/Storage or SC console?

    X2 I agree with you...
  6. painted silver bumpers black, large images

    this will survive the hard canadian winter ? I realy like this but the weater here can possibly damage the job...
  7. bad offset... can I have problem ?

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I rencently bought new winter wheels (pre-owned). The wheels was previously used on a Ford Ranger. The offset is not good. no rubbing but they stick out. Can I have problem whit this setup ? No idea of the offset.
  8. armrest only for automatic transmission ???

    Hi, I want to add a armrest with storage compartment on my 2006 LX. part #: 08U89-SCV-180 on the installation instructions, we can read: (With A/T ONLY) do you know if it's only a "recommendation" for the dealer ?