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  • stlthE ·
    hey from e-thusiast in fl.
    are you still in F, what part?
    i'm in melbourne looking for mechanic to do much needed maint/repair to my '05 with 100k. Or maybe help me do them myself.
    any recomendations?
    [email protected]
    stlthE ·
    i recently moved to melbourne, fl.
    im wondering if you might possibly be able to recommend a shop. I just turned 100k miles and regardless, i cant use my maryland guy anymore :)
    [email protected]
    e4u2c ·
    Hello, I am interested in the 6 speed conversion and would like some quick info. What kind of gas mileage were you getting before and after the conversion? Without having to read every post, what problems have you had since the conv and how many miles since?
    I plan on waiting until the stock clutch goes out, is this what you did? How many miles did you have when you did it and what clutch did you use when you put it together? I have 112k on my '06 ex-p awd so I assume it will be coming up soon. Any problems with the awd system and the conversion?

    I found an rsx type s leather shift boot, you think I can retro this in to match my momo shift knob?

    Thanks for any info that you give me,
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