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  • cursh ·
    Hey brad. Sorry for the huge delay on this. Thought I already replied. I used a passenger door for a 1993 camry. I don't have any better pictures of the attachment point because the space is very tight, and visually obscured. Everything I needed to know, I found out by taking the cover off and trying to flip things with my hands. its pretty easy to figure out what does what when you are in there. Then its just line of sight with rods and figuring out how deep to make your bracket attachments. For me it was trial and error. Cutting the trim hole was the hardest. In hind sight I would have done it out of cardboard first (and made it as perfect as possible) so that I would have a template for cutting the trim. there is only one spot where you can tell I just hacked the trim apart. If I'd been more careful and done the template step I would have completely avoided that.

    I hope this helps.

    LocalPhoto ·
    Have posted an additional image of the tire gate closed. Need to sell the ride but do not have enough post to do it on this forum, so off to crags list, will remove images after I sell the ride.
    Elementalz ·
    CCM lift kit.They ship direct from California. To Canada with import duty if caught at border is around 650 total. Cheaper probably to you.
    Check on my profile under 'statistics' or 'all posts' or something for info on the kit /tires / etc.
    Good kit. Smooth install. No issues.
    Webbkin ·
    P.S. Good idea on the headrests. Each time I have removed mine they end up flopping around on the floor or crammed into the tie straps behind the seat. Neither was ideal.
    SaltyEyes ·
    They are 225/75/16 and fit just fine with no rubbing issues at all. If you search this tire size on EOC you will find that others have also used it with no problems at all. Cheers
    xscottywottyx ·
    Is your bull bar wiggly? I had to weld some brackets to the frame and modify it so I can actually sit on it.

    Also, how do you like the light bar? Im thinking about getting one.'

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