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  • Rotorhead ·
    Ahoy T Mac... I'm racked with Ah-Sh1ts guilt. I miss posted just like so many other Newbies, and placed a too long post in the perpetual price report... (03/27/17). Your forum is extremely helpful to us new owners, and I'm hoping not too much work for you to maintain... hence the guilt. If the posting needs to be scrubbed or moved, please do, regardless, I just wanted to apologize for potentially adding to your busy work. BTW there was no contact admin frame at the bottom of that forum page.
    T Mac ·
    We are currently out of the EOC promo cards. Also, Larry (spdrcr5) is taking over the EOC merch sales.
    Adirondack Element ·
    Hey T Mac
    Received my plate frame and stickers today, thanks! I put the frame on but think I'll wait till warmer weather to put the decals on. Thanks again!!!
    Jet ·
    Tom, I cannot post pictures on any of my posts, Is this something that has happened with the server, or have I been censored ? I do know how to post, resize, re format, and have had no trouble in the past. This is something that started about a week ago. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to get this corrected. I await your reply, Dave Myers (JET )
    T Mac, How are things in the IT world? Good I hope. It's been a while. Looks like the site has changed a bit over the last couple years. Looking good.

    N6PCD ·
    Hi Tom. I saw one of the posts, and was wondering if I could get some more EOC promo cards from you? I gave all of mine out! Thanx!!
    iVTEC-E ·
    i am looking to sell my element and figured i could give someone on here a really really good deal. I have a 2004 Element EX AWD manual 88k fiji looking to get has new tires and brakes...i got 4 cars and cant afford her anymore :(...i tried to post but wasnt email is [email protected]
    blueblaster ·
    hello t-mac- i am looking to buy a ridgeline for my brother-prefer an 08 rtl leftover-i am currently in negotiations with a local dealer-whom will give me $6800 off sticker-although i dont need it till feb1st but he wants me to give a $5000 DEPOSIT SO THEY KNOW I WONT CHANGE MY MIND-WHAT DO U THINK ? I THINK I AM GONNA PASS AND JUST WAIT TILL FEBUARY AND SEE WHATS LEFT OUT THERE CURRENLY ON YAHOOCARS,COM I FIND ALMOST 3,000 OF THEM ALL OVER THE COUNTRY-THANKS FOR ANY ADVICE!-BLUEBLASTER-
    dparrothead1 ·
    I'm back if ya'll will still have me......I've been on a 4 month leave of absence to do something that I thought was very worthwhile.......It's not very often in life that one has a chance to help make a mark in history....
    PuRHART ·
    dude bro I know I am late I so wanted a shirt. I thought the orders closed yesterday. is there no way I can still place an order? PLEEEAAASSSEEE
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