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  • grogfisher ·
    Just wanted to know if you have enjoyed your seat covers...I have the same color interior...Which brand did you utilize? Thanks for your time.
    chelement3 ·
    Wickster: I just noticed that in all of the paint projects you've done on the interior and exterior of your E, you never painted the side mirrors. Was this deliberate? Thanks.
    chelement3 ·
    Wickster: your posts are great reading. Can you tell me what you mean by flash, as in "spray 3-4 moderate coats with a 15 min flash time between coats"? Thanks.
    BUCK11 ·
    Hey wickster, your painting is great! I'm glad i found your thread, i am doing the same to my e. Question, do you know if the window switch and mirror switch light can be changed?
    jdollars ·
    man... your element looks amazing. i LOVE the wheels... do you mind if I ask the make and model, where you got them, and what they set you back? i've been wanting to get black rims for my 2003 for a while now, and these are the best looking i've seen... thank! josh
    wickster ·
    thanks! Yea, im not really that active on here myself like i was another car forum i was a member of when I had a different car
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