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  1. OEM intake removed

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    nice DIY mod... i did that to my civic before too... Cold Air is the sheit!!... just make sure you put it back to stock when it rains...
  2. Few pics of my new E (warning: very stock Element!)

    Image Gallery
    you should JDM the E like the EG... that would be sick!!!... lovin the EG more than the E... for now... hehe...
  3. Carbon Fiber Hood

    any CF on the E would be sick!!...
  4. 04 E with Carbon You asked For It You GOt it .. 56K haha

    Image Gallery
    no E can top this.... this is the best E hands down!!... in terms of show only though... CF is too sick to ignore!!!... too bad it's not the 5 sp manual tranny... IMO, this is the nicest E that's ever been posted in this website...
  5. Anyone seen a dealer modified E? This one is nice.

    Image Gallery
    i like the Injen intake, header and exhaust add ons... that must sound really nice and add on 5 or 10 hp... but i'd rather have the 5 sp manual tranny... the Mugen oil cap is sick too!... i don't like the wheels tho... so how much was the sticker price??... hopefully i find a nice SOP 5 sp MT...
  6. NBP owner pics and ideas :)

    Image Gallery
  7. NBP owner pics and ideas :)

    Image Gallery
    SheDevil... so which So Cali dealer did you buy your E from?... if you don't mind me asking... how much did it cost out the door?... i'm looking to buy one around Nov when the interest rates drop... right now Honda has a 4.9% rate for 60 months... that's really good for Honda, but i'm looking...
  8. NBP owner pics and ideas :)

    Image Gallery
    the plastic window visors are really functional in Cali... some Honda nuts call is "JDM" and a lot of rice rockets have them... i think they're a nice add on especially if you're a cancer stick puffer or a mary jane lover...
  9. 2007 Honda Element SC Prototype Emphasizes Style and Performance [4.13.6]

    is it really that hard for Honda to slap on the S2000 engine and transmission on the E?... 10 HP increase is most likely nullified by those 21" wheels... i don't like the projectors bc the OG boxy healdlights work well with the boxyness of the E... i also don't like the front bumper bc it's...
  10. Uh... Honda? What the...?

    Image Gallery
    my friends and i got "stuck" in a mall parking lot one time when we opened both doors on the drivers side... we had to go back in the rear.. then closed the rear passenger door... walk to the front seats and exit out the driver's door... if only the rear doors on the E was designed like the...
1-10 of 10 Results