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  1. RHD VIN ?

    I would like to have the passenger side door lock/unlock handle and switch. I bought one from another EOC member (the Japanese part for the door lock on the passenger side.) But, we had some choppy communication and what I got is the dark charcoal color and my car has the lighter grey...
  2. console cooler on ebay

    Trading Post
    Hey folks, there is currently a console/cooler on Ebay. Starting bid is $99, $20.00 shipping. Pictures and description show some wear and tear. Ebay is how I acquired mine. FWIW: I have no interest in the Ebay auction and don't know the seller. Tiny URL link to the auction is...
  3. 2010 LX 4WD 13k miles

    Trading Post
    The TPMS problem is most likely that the batteries in one or more tire sensors have gotten old and tired (no pun, intended). On my 2010 Element I think I have now replaced all four. Batteries are sealed in the sensor so a dead or weak battery requires replacement of the sensor, which requires...
  4. Rear Window replacement - any issues?

    Problems & Issues
    Replaced, AOK So, I had the rear windshield replaced and so far no issues. Had to wait about one week to have the glass arrive. Apparently glass is 'glued' in place and has to sit in the shop for one hour. Not sure I have tested the defroster yet, but things look good.
  5. Rear Window replacement - any issues?

    Problems & Issues
    So, the other day, I was leaving work. I went out, swept new snow off the car, started it, loaded a few cardboard boxes in the back, closed the hatch, went in, put on my coat and came out. As I drove away I hear odd "clink clink" noises. I think I had turned on the rear wiper. I thought I was...
  6. OEM & JDM goodness for sale !!!

    Trading Post
    JDM grey passenger door handle with unlock sw I'm interested. Sent you a PM
  7. Woody Woodie Wood-E

    Element "Country Squire"? I'm fairly aware of the various Elements in my community. Today I saw one that was new - and a bit odd. If you have a vision of a Ford Country Squire - fake wood grain "contact paper" surrounded by some plastic molding- this Element looked a bit like that. Wood grain...
  8. double TPost alerts?

    Community Help
    For some reason, I seem to be getting duplicate emails announcing new things in the Trading Post. I don't think I've gone in and modified my profile, so why might this be happening?
  9. EX console install in 2010 LX details?? advice

    still not done Welll, besides being a bit intimidated, I've been busy on outside projects around the house. Just trying to finish emptying the garage for winter (snow already). Once the Element can go in the garage, I'll try to id the down time I think will be needed. thanks for asking.
  10. TPMS Battery Life

    Maintenance and Service
    each sensor has a battery Sorry not to see this earlier. The way I understand it, each sensor has a battery, each sensor has a distinct "serial number". The TPMS system is programmed to look for those signals from each sensor. If the battery goes out on one sensor the TPMS light comes on...
  11. FS: low mileage 77k 2006 EXP Element Seattle

    Trading Post
    I was wasting some time, looking at things far away and saw a low mileage Element for sale in Seattle. Looks like it has had some mods, AWD, manual, the "P" means painted quarter panels. Looks like some fancy rims and pretty new tires. to see...
  12. TPMS Battery Life

    Maintenance and Service
    Just had one of the tpms sensors replaced on my 2010 Element with 45K on the chassis, so lets call that 7 years. As I do a winter/spring tire change out I went to the tire shop I use for that. I think if one planned on doing changing them, one could probably get less expensive tpms sensors...
  13. FS: Armrest, Door Lock, Cabana, Overhead Console

    Trading Post
    PM re door lock I've sent you a private message re the r.h. side door lock.
  14. Driver's seat belt wimpy retraction (2010)

    Problems & Issues
    So, one of those frequently annoying occurrences is that my Driver's side seat belt doesn't retract enough and then I slam the door on the buckle, or get into the Element and discover I've closed the door on the belt and have to open the door to get buckled in. Elsewhere in the forum there was...
  15. Console/Cooler for seller on Ebay

    Hi folks, I'm an Ebay shopper and have permanent searches on Ebay (I recommend doing that for the items you think you will never find) I bought a console/cooler for my Element a few months back off of Ebay and paid about $50 plus a hefty shipping fee - but still cheap compared to other options...
  16. buying out of state

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Sales tax FWIW a friend of mine bought a truck that was at a Florida dealer (He is not a resident of FL). Dealer didn't know how to avoid sales tax, so my friend had to do the research and tell them what form to use. Not sure it made a difference, but the truck was then shipped to MA. I'm...
  17. swiss army knife / rare

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Musings....on Element Ownership Background: I bought my 2010 Element LX/AWD in May 2016 with 40,000 mile on chassis and 20,000 on the engine. It replaced my 2000 Toyota Sienna (van) with about 175,000 miles FWD. I totally agree that you should drive an Element and see what you think. I did...
  18. Car won't start, possibly related to door lock issue?

    Problems & Issues
    Battery probs & ground connector diagnosis FWIW a long time ago I had a car where I figured out that the battery post had corroded internally (i.e. that size of the top of the posts is bigger than what goes through to the battery internally. I don't know how they are made - but mine had...
  19. TheDaini's Overhead Console Installation

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    overhead console 2010LX Its on my back burner for the moment until late April, but I bought the bigger console that (might have) come on an EX (not the smaller older version). Not sure about newer bigger console install into older model. Promise I'll document my install with details.
  20. EX console install in 2010 LX details?? advice

    not done yet Quick answer is: Its not done yet. Still need to purchase the non visible parts needed. Happy to document and photo when it happens.
1-20 of 33 Results