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  1. Smashed off Antenna

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    same exact thing happened to me, EXACT same thing...mine just sits on the roof XM still works though LoL
  2. Thanks Sparman!

    Trading Post
    Just wanted to say thanks again for the smooth transaction. Anyone looking to buy from this member do not worry, great service, even helped put my new roof rack on. Thanks again!
  3. WTB: Roof rack - YAKIMA or THULE

    Trading Post
    bumpity bump
  4. WTB: Roof rack - YAKIMA or THULE

    Trading Post
    Looking to buy a roof rack for my '05 LX. Anyone out there have one to sell? Post or PM me!!!
  5. Replacing Antenna?

    Mobile Electronics
    No the base isnt broken, just the top is like, shattered - like, I can see all the electronics but the base is still on the top of the car, know what I mean? I mean, hey, the freakin radio still works, well, FM...I just don't want to have it short out or something if it gets snow on it or...
  6. Replacing Antenna?

    Mobile Electronics
    So I backed out of the garage w/ the door down just a bit <wife started to close it then stopped it and didnt let me know about it>. anyway - the antenna was scraped and shattered on the roof. Is this a easy fix? The part is like $80 on hondaparts, just wanted to see if someone has done this...
  7. Say Hello To My Little Friend

    Club X - Off-Topic Discussions
    I usedto live in Orange County, moved to Utah in November of last year. I think my sig says Utah? Ca residents can still get a non resident utah permit and it is valid in most states other than CA and NV
  8. Say Hello To My Little Friend

    Club X - Off-Topic Discussions
    In regard to the last rule there, I've seen that list of rules before as well. The picture I posted is from Springfields website, for the XD subcompact, it only shows a picture of the 9mm. The gun I got is a .40, so I would be compliant with your set of rules, but thanks for lookin out. That...
  9. Say Hello To My Little Friend

    Club X - Off-Topic Discussions
    Thats a negative, just exersizing my second amendment. CA carry permit Farther? How'd you manage to get one of those? Retired LEO?
  10. Say Hello To My Little Friend

    Club X - Off-Topic Discussions
    Check out my newest accessory to my E. Gotta love the Utah laws, with my concealed carry permit I can carry in just about every state other than, of course, California. Anyhow, no anti gun liberal responses please, just showing off my newest toy.
  11. My E vacation photos of awesomeness!

    Image Gallery
    You crack me up
  12. How much is gas where you are?

    Club X - Off-Topic Discussions
    $2.42 for 87 here w/ my Maverick discount card! Can't complain coming from almost $3.00 when I lived in California!
  13. New (goodie) tail light covers came today...woo hooo

    Do these come with a huge POWERED BY HONDA - VTECH windshield banner to slap on your pimped out ride?
  14. Dirty Element

    Image Gallery
    Man I should've taken a pic of mine last week after our snow storm...I had so much nasty stuff in my wheel wells I had to pull over on the freeway and clean it out cause my car wouldnt go past 35 w/out shaking like all 4 tires were going to fall off...
  15. Favorite Ski/Snowboard Resorts...

    NorCal Owners
    Well, being from So Cal and a newbie to Southern Utah, I am in love w/ the Utah powder. I've been every weekend since Christmas and I have yet to find a bad day. Presidents day weekend we got about 3 feet of powder and I was up there the next morning w/ blue skies and pow pow pow pow POWDER...
  16. WMA Bit Rate Conversion?

    Mobile Electronics
    Sheesh, no need to get all crazy - not tryin to get songs for free or somethin, just tryin to fit more on my player, yikes
  17. WMA Bit Rate Conversion?

    Mobile Electronics
    Can you elaborate??
  18. Honda interest rate on E? Buying strategy?

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    I was in the same boat as you, I got my E originally w/ 8.6% and recently refinanced it through my local bank at 5% a yr later.
  19. WMA Bit Rate Conversion?

    Mobile Electronics
    What a bust, so I can't change the bit rate to a lower one if I'm using the to-go type of service? <sigH> Guess it's off to for me!
  20. WMA Bit Rate Conversion?

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a ton of .wma files that I've downloaded off of rhapsody but they are all in 160k bit rate and the files are clogging up my .mp3 player. I'd like to drop them down to say 96k or so to make some room but can't seem to do it through rhapsody or windows media I doing something...
1-20 of 453 Results