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Hide the holes and latch rods when the rear seats are up or out and create more useable floor space
Our base-model work table for the passenger’s seat
This easy-to-install kit allows you to open the rear hatch with ease, and to close it from inside your Element also. No more climbing over the front seats to exit from the side doors while camping or sleeping in your 2003-11 Honda Element. Kit includes all needed components to install, including...
Just bought my Element and couldn't wait to share it on here
badge delete in the rear, windshield is tinted at 35%, front windows are tinted at 3%, rear windows and back glass are tinted at 0%
2003 Honda Element with real wood panels/trim, it ain't no wrap, my modern day version of the 50's Woody
Well loved 2006 Element EX-P ISO new owner
Mods I've made with scrap Plywood to create a Camper out of my 2007 EX.... For Fly Fishing Adventures
Customized Window Covers
Just Got my First Element after years of searching!
Truck bed liner instead of paint
Recently converted my 2007 Element SC
2007 element with 175,000 mi on it, great condition. I love this car had it since day one
Démarreur à distance, régulateur de vitesse, 4 roues motrices, 4 pneus d’hiver et 4 pneus d’été, non fumeur, impeccable
I wasn’t sure how the size would fit but they run real nice!
Just another lovely day on the road to Seattle.
Here's a link to the progress thread: Teej's Micro RV Progress Thread (Sheffield, AL)
Root Beer Metallic SC with decals, and Stage 1 performance upgrades.
My first Honda Element, my husband named it even before we signed the papers. It’s named Sokka from the Last Airbender series. We bought it knowing it had a leak in the radiator. The passenger window also dropped as soon as we got home. Quick easy fixes, done before the weekend was over.
Finally getting somewhere with it
Custom carpet kit, upgraded stereo, DVD video player, 20" low-profile rims. New springs/struts FWD.