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Honda Element
Rootbeer Metallic
Original Owner has roughly 223k miles. I love my build with solar system & it's off grid. My builder "Doc Rees" did an awesome job. He is located in Ventura, CA Yay :) It was worth the 1.5-2 hour commute to his location. He installed in 3 days vs other builders stating it will take 1.5 months. I wanted a closet, counter space to cook & sink. Will add customer roof rack& solar shower coming soon.


Wheel and Tire
18 in Perilli Tires, OEM wheels



2010 Honda Element EX alabaster
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Man, that is amazing! I have been mentally drawing up my own plans, very similar to this. Do you happen to have any of the plans or measurements?

If you don't mind me saying though... get a new charge controller! That one is crap. If you need any info, hit me up. I have recently built my solar setup with almost 500w of flex panels and a 550aH 12v battery bank. I used a 50A Renogy mppt charge controller and I have a 3000w pure sine wave inverter.... sometime you gotta run the shop vac and clean the E-camper.

Taking my E and my dog on an epic snowboard adventure this winter, so looking to wrap up all my "construction" by Christmas. I need to build out this part like you have. Going to drive Houston to Tahoe to Park City to all over Colorado. About a week in each spot. Can't wait.

So you are using the front and backseat together to make a bed? I have taken out my back seats. I lay my passenger front seat down all the way and it is perfect size for my coleman cot to fit over it and use 2 of the 3 fold down cot legs for support. I made a mattress from an old memory foam bed topper attached to the top of the cot. Pretty dang comfy, but always looking for a better way.

Anyone with ideas or links for my build would be greatly appreciated....especially if someone has plans and measurements for E camping setup construction.

Thanks E'sters! and again TS, that is bad ass. Truly amaing. Any links to the sink or water pump or other stuff you used?