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2003 ex

  1. Chili pepper at the park today.

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    Out for some air.
  2. OEM radio 2003 EX and Parrott Bluetooth

    Does anyone want an OEM radio for 2003 for EX and Parrott Bluetooth
  3. 2003 EX - I want MP3 functionality

    Mobile Electronics
    I'm a fan of audio books, but I'm finding many that only come in MP3 format on CD. My 2003 EX won't play MP3 format. So, what are my options? 1. Replace head unit with 2005+ ? - maybe...current radio gets mediocre reception, if not crappy reception. Maybe a newer EX head unit will get improved...
  4. 2003 Honda Element EX Electrical Issue...?

    Problems & Issues
    The Element basically starts when it feels like it :razz: No, but there doesn't seem to be a discernible common denominator for why it won't start, when it won't start. We replaced the starter less than 6 mths and just replaced the battery less than a mth ago. The possibility of a bad solenoid...