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  1. Problems & Issues
    Look, I’m a damn near 60 y/o woman - my knowledge of mechanical things is from years of owning various POS. So I thought I’d put this out here before I call a shop to come pick it up. OK, I went to have two tires put on the front of my 2004 element yesterday. I thought I heard a weird noise...
  2. Reviews
    Want to sell my 2004 Honda Element EX has 164,000 miles it has a radiator leak, needs back breaks and someone stole my catalytic converters i was just wondering if is worth selling it for anything or junking it
  3. Problems & Issues
    The Owners Manual was wrong on the list of fuses under the hood. Several answers I found on the web said "small light" fuse #2 was the culprit - checked the top row middle fuse as labeled in the owners manual - not blown - replaced it anyway - still the tail lights & dash lights were out! Then...
1-3 of 3 Results