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2008 ex

  1. FS:2008 2WD EX Atomic Blue LOW LOW miles + NEW Tires

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Only 45,735 MILES! 2008 2wd EX. Atomic Blue, blue/gray cloth seats. automatic, new tires Selling for $14,500. We are the second owners and have had "Rox" since 2010! Our Element has always been our second car - so short trips mostly. We are firm on this price as we just put $2k in brand NEW...
  2. New owner with problems starting the car

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi everyone! I just purchased a 2008 4WD 5dr automatic EX. I've loved the element for years, but have just purchased one now. I love driving it so far, the breaks are clean and it's must faster than i expected. One problem I'm encountering is that sometimes, (I say sometimes because the car does...
  3. FS: Spoiler from Tango Red Element

    Trading Post
    I decided to keep this. Sorry everyone who was interested.
  4. Tein S tech springs for a 2008 EX

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Hi, I need lowering springs temporarily before I get a serious air setup because the gap between the fender and the tire is just too big and it's really ugly... -_- Before I go ahead and buy these springs, they say 2003-2006. I just need to know if I can put them on my 2008 EX. Because if...
  5. Side Step Compatibility

    Hey All, Would anyone happen to know if OEM side steps from an 04 will fit on an 08? I've looked through some threads that stated side steps from models after the year you have will fit.
  6. My first mod!!!

    Under The Hood / Performance
    OK so it's not the most tech mod. But it seems to be the 1st mod we E owners have to do.:grin: I took out the resonator. [email protected] 10m bolts holding it in. 1 3/8 for a ground wire attached to the body, 10m wrench to loosen the battery to move a touch to get out resonator. Reasons why... 1...
  7. New Owner of "Razorback Red" '08 Element

    Greetings & Introductions
    As of this afternoon, I'm an official member of the club. Mine is tango red pearl, but being in Arkansas I'll call it Razorback red. :-) Now to prioritize my mods!!
  8. Driver's seat armrest

    Trading Post
    I just bought a driver's armrest/storage compartment off Ebay and have the original driver's armrest. Anyone interested in it? My E is an '08 EX 4WD in TRP. The armrest is black. I have all of the hardware. Let me know. Email address is [email protected]