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2009 element ex

  1. Selling an element in bath maine

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hello, I am selling my 2009 Element EX. It is located in Brunswick Maine. There are issues and is not advised to drive until repaired. Most likely it would be used for parts or fix all issues and drive. Known issues : becoming separated from frame needs new shocks and struts needs new tires...
  2. Center Console For Honda Element 2009 EX

    I am the new proud owner of a Honda Element 2009 EX model with Navigation. I have the lower part of this assembly but not the top part that is detachable. Is there a place where I can order ONLY the top part that is a cooler? I have the bottom part already that it snaps into. The price for...
  3. 09 EX owners: lost something between the seats? Here's a time-saver.

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    A few days ago, the missus took the E out to go run some errands. While she was driving, somehow her necklace came undone and the pendant on it slid right down between the driver's seat and the console/cooler. Several searches with a flashlight under the seat turned up no results, although I...
  4. 09' ex w. Nav. (Bluetooth/iPhone compatible?)

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello everyone, this is my first posting as a new Element owner. I have desired one for years and am so happy to finally own one! I love everything about my E, even though it isn't the color I wanted! (royal blue ) I really wanted an omni blue but couldn't beat the deal I was offered for the...